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The school is both as large and as small as you make it. Yes, the Rutgers is huge, and first year Intro classes fill and entire auditorium each, but the school makes it very easy to search out programs, clubs, and activities that you are/would be interested in.


The diversity of students, faculty, and surroundings at Rutgers University achieves its uniqueness. Rutgers New Brunswick consists of five different campuses - Cook, Douglass, Busch, Livingston, and College Avenue. Each campus houses a variety of people with different ethnic, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Likewise, each of the campuses has distinctive environments. There is no other school in the country where a student can claim that they have a farm, an all female school, an urban city, a WW2 Army Camp, and a Big 10 Athletic Stadium. Lastly, Rutgers University and I share the same birthday, November 10th. Revolutionary for 250 years!


While at Rutgers I had the unique advantage of being part of a tiny art school where I could get undivided, valuable attention and input. At the same time, I had the resources of a major university at my disposal. This meant that while focusing and being challenged on specific artistic pursuits, I could enhance my overall experience by enrolling in diverse courses that added to my artistic understanding of the world and what it was I was after in growing my own work.


Rutgers is a much bigger school than those I considered; almost 30,000 undergraduates attend my school. The school cannot, and will not, baby sit its students. This has forced almost every student here to gain a sense of independency and self-reliance in order to succeed. This isn't to say Rutgers doesn't have wonderful resources and advisors, which it certainly does. But, each student is going to have to take it upon themselves to utilize these resources to the best of their ability.


Rutgers University is one of the biggest research-based universities in the world. This has many advantages: one - faculty members are very diverse, which prepares one for the real world. two - there are many opportunities for research, whether it be research assistant or research volunteer. three - some professors briefly touch upon their research in classes which produces alot of interest from students.


Rutgers is a research-based university that allows many hands-on practices.


I have so many options in what to major in. That is why I came here. Plus, I get in-state tuition and it is less expensive to pay for (though still expensive)


The most unique thing about my school is the diversity in the the school body. There is no other univerisity or college that has been able to manage to bring together so many people from different areas of life, the country, and of different races and religions. It is refreshing to have such diversity and is a social learning experience, especially for those who have not had the opportunity to meet people with such different opinions on various topics of life.


Very tolerant towards religion and ethnic backgrounds. Can meet people from all walks of life at this university.


Rutgers University is a great and affordable school for those who want a great education and who still want to stay close to home. The Visual Arts Program at the Mason Gross School of the Arts is competitive, yet fun, challenging, but also worth the hard work. The classes I'm taking for my major (design) are small and the teachers are helpful. I am glad that I decided to attend an affordable state school for the arts, instead on an expensive Art School. At Rutgers I will have both an education and a professional knowledge of my intended major.


It is big diversy, yest beautifully unified.


Great school


Rutger's campus is very diverse , whcih gives students an oppertunity to be exposed to various cultures throughout the world on their campus. It also provides a very good academic ciriculum to the students to wish to persue it. Rutgers has a wide aray of different majors, so its easy to switch if need be.


Rutgers University has three different campuses. One in Newark, New Brunswick, and Camden New Jersey. The New Brunswick campus that I am attending school in has four different subcampuses. Each of these sub-campuses is drastically different from one another, so no matter where you grew up or what environment you like, there is a place for you on campus to feel completelt at home. Wether it's a city-like environment, or a rural farm area, Rutgers has it all. Along with diverse campuses, the population on campus is just as diverse.


There wasn't much of a list of colleges that I wanted to go to. It was either Rutgers or my community college and I decided to go with Rutgers because not only are there various amounts of activities to do but there are also many potential jobs I can apply for.


What makes Rutgers unique is it's 5 campuses. If you want a quiet, peaceful campus you can choose Cook. If you're a woman and you're looking for all women dorms, Douglass is for you. If you're interested in the sciences, Busch. If you're looking to enjoy yourself and go out and have fun, College Ave. And finally, if you're not quite sure what you want- Livingston, home of the freshmen.


The school spirit here is tremendous and enthusiasm is strong among the students. Rutgers also has a community feel on each different campus so there is something for everyone.


Diversity. You meet so many different kinds of people here and really learn a lot about other cultures. Most of my friends are a different religion/race than I am and that's something you don't get at a lot of places. Also, Rutgers-NB is a big university, but is made up of 5 smaller campuses. You still get that small school feel while belonging to a large university.


Rutgers was the only state university that I considered. I find it is a good deal compared to other state institutions in the NJ NY tristate area.


The most unique part would have to be their dedication to helping minorities succeed in fields such as science, there are programs to increase the success rate of those who intend to declare a major in the sciences. Additionally, Rutgers provides a large range of activities to get involved and to accommodate every student's different interest; lets jus say one can never get bored.


For a large school, Rutgers provides its students with enormous opportunities and endless ways to recieve help. The educators and staff at Rutgers work hard to help their students prosper.


What makes Rutgers University unique is that it consits of 5 colleges with students and professors from all around the world. This type of diversity makes for an exchange of varying perspectives and engaged dialogue for critical thinking that promotes positive social change.


Rutgers offers a rich diversity not only in its many recognized academics, but in the people, and ways of life. Everything that is needed to exceed and succeed is at your hands at Rutgers.


Excellent school for those who aren't very particular or are undecided about things (big/small school, major, organizations, sports, campus life, activities). There is something for everyone and it is easy to pick and choose what you want to do. The idea of college is what you make of it is no less applicable here.




This size and location of the university is what really sets it apart from other universities. There are thousands of students, all hailing from different backgrounds and thousands of classes to choose from. The faculty is one-of-a-kind and highly regarded in their fields of study. Also, the campuses are are just so beautiful and different. One can be on Douglass campus and observe the leaves on a tree changing colors and then go right to College Avenue and see the concrete beauty of the city.


This particular school is bigger than every school I attended. This school is also unique in its own way. Advisors have said that the fulfilling Rutger's requirements is different than other schools. This is the only school that I know where students travel by bus to different classes throughout the day.


It is an incredible value if you live in the state of New Jersey. And the student population is very diverse, although that is more a product its location.


The most unique thing about Rutgers is that it offers a tremendous amount of majors, along with 27 schools in 3-4 different cities. The largest campus rest in NewBrunswick/Piscataway, and the other two are in Camden and Newark, NJ.


Rutgers is so big that it offers students the opportunities to try hundreds of new things in life. It is a very diverse campus.


It has a variety of different activities and involvements available as well as a diverse population


Rutgers University is a very diverse college. Walking around the campus I feel as though I am in a different place, a place I have never been to before. I see people from different countries that I would have never met in the city that I gre up in. Its diversity is what attracts many people and makes it a wonderful place to study and learn about other cultures.


My school is considered too big for other people, with four campuses, but I like that feature. It has a lot of variety and let's you have some options picking classes. Rutgers does pride itself on being diverse, accepting all races and genders, and educating its students on what is out there. I also liked the fact that Rutgers had a prominent all women's college, Douglass, that was well respected. The faculty at this school are highly educated and it shows, creating a curriculum that is challenging and difficult, without being discouraging.


I attend the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences within Rutgers. This school only accepts about 650 students per year so it feels very much like a small school, but it is part of a large university. Because of this I feel like I get the advantages of a small school (knowing my professors and administrators) while at the same time having access to everything that a large university has to offer (wide range of activities, Division I football games, etc.)


I can proudly say that my university is one of the most diverse colleges. The diversity at Rutgers provides endless options of majors, extra curriculum: clubs, Greek life, organizations, and volunteer opportunities. Not only does this college offer an array of people representing many cultures, races, religions, interests, sexual orientations, the university allows this diversity to be proudly represented. We also have a diverse offering in campus life. With five different options of campus life, each own unique in its own respect, provides academic and social life to match.


The diversity of people and mindsets that you find here is like no other.


A Rutgers student explains why he transferred from Boston University to Rutgers.


The school spirit at Rutgers is amazing. When you are at the football and basketball games, you feel like a big family. Even just walking around on campus or having lunch in the dining hall feels like you're doing so with your family. You can't spend a minute frowning at our school because everyone is just too happy.


We have the hustle and bustle of a big city while still having a small town feel. I love the separation of the campuses because they all feel like their own small communities within one larger community. I love the staff and how educated and passionate they are in the subjects they teach. Since Rutgers is such a larger school, there are more opportunities to become involved. There are tons of clubs, sports, and organizations that meet everyones interests.


The best contribution to Rutger's University is it's diversity amongst students, faculty, and on-campus activities.


Although it is a large school with around 15,000 students in total, each campus feels like a tight-knit community. You can meet a new person everyday, but will not have trouble remembering their names because you are likely to bump into them again.


It's absolutely massive and has a lot of ethnic diversity. I'm a middle eastern student and it's a nice change of pace from my white community in Toms River.


It is very close to New York and Philadelphia by way of public transportation. Lots of school spirit. Alumni come out to support the football team and so do the students.


The size. I was turned off at first, but now I grew to love it. You seriously meet new people everyday.


What's unique about Rutgers is the incredible diversity of the campus. Different aspects of the university such as the areas of study, the students, and the area of Central New Jersey bring in incredible experience of diversity to anyone, such as myself, who is not originally from New Jersey.


There is every kind of person that you could ever want to meet here. The five different campuses make it possible to go from being in the city to the farmlands to a more outdoors setting. The people that I have met and the different atmospheres made this school the perfect choice.


There is something for everyone. If you can't find it at Rutgers' it probably doesn't exist


the black community has more abilities to get involved with the school and put on independent activities


Very diverse, wonderful faculty - academically and socially a great place to spend four years.