Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My major. Iam proud of what i study


Nothing. If i had to choose something, it would be the lower cost because it is a state school but this is nothing to brag about.


When I brag about my school to my friends I mostly tell them that the school has been around since before the Declaration of Independence was signed. I like how my school has so much history and the fact that it has grown over the years.


This school has opportunities for jobs and internships left and right so it is very easy to be successful here as long as you work hard enough.


Variety of classes


A point of pride for Rutgers' students is the University's numerous grease trucks. Anytime friends from other colleges/universities come to visit they want to try one of the renowned fat sandwiches. The best part is that I don't even have to brag about how amazing the sandwiches are, they already know!


it has a great social life and tailgates are always fun


The location is amazing and the academtics are very challenging.


its a large school with an incredibly diverse school body and many opportunities for any student interested in any subject. anyone can find a place to fit in at rutgers, and other students are always friendly and interested in helping each other. students are active but still remain focused on their school work.


There is always so much stuff to do here, you can never be bored. Whether it is seeing a play, going to a football game, or eating out at a nice restaurant, there is always something interesting to do.


There is always something to do. It's a lot of fun, and never boring.


I love my campus. I live on the Cook/Douglass campus, and it is the most peaceful campus I have ever been on. It also has a soccer field right in front of my dorm, and all my friends how much I love playing soccer. It has the best food, a lake to walk around, classes in walking distance, farm animals, and activities always going on throughout the campus.


The amount of partying available on weekends for students, as well as the amount of research opportunities.


I brag about the various accomplishments of the school, and how many intelligent people that have become extremely successful after attending Rutgers University. There are just so many opportunities for people to succeed in Rutgers, and many people who are more than willing to help.


Rutgers finance progrm is the one the the best in the country for it is in the top 20 great colleges.


I usually brag about the sports programs and the diversity! Rutgers is definitely a melting pot and the sports, especially football and basketball, keep the campus alive with excitement. Also, the help and familial feel of the school is definitely an asset that I'm proud of.


The thing that I brag about the most with my friends when I am speaking of Rutgers is my positive experience with Douglass College, a women's division at Rutgers University.


the football team!


At Rutgers, there is a wealth of resources readily available. These networks are one of the benefits of attending such a large institution; its range is expanded considerably by its size.


I probably brag about the parties mostly.


When I go to Rutgers, the first thing that comes to mind are the amazing teachers. They are all very helpful in a very energetic manner. All of them are so focused on the well-being of the the students and their education and give up countless hours of their personal life to aid the students. I consider all of the teachers my mentors as well supportive friends.


I constantly brag about the accomplishments of Rutgers University. Many people from New Jersey do not realize what a great resource is so close. Rutgers is a wonderfully diverse school with many accomplished programs and professors.


When I tell my friends about Rutgers University, I brag about all of the career opportunities that are possible and the flexibility and guidance to be able to choose the career path that is the most fitting. I also brag about the diversity, which allows me to interact with all different kinds of cultures that my friends from home have never experienced. The large diversity at Rutgers University helps to give me a better understanding about different people all around the world.


Rutgers is so culturally diverse, especially compared to where I attended high school. The immense amount of course offerings is also another thing that I love. You can take so many different classes, as I do (I am a Portuguese/German double major with a Spanish minor). The class schedule allows for me to have 6-7 classes, all of which interest me, because the gen ed requirements are fulfilled by classes that also count towards my major.


Being the diverse campus that Rutgers University is, I find myself bragging to my peers at home about all the different types of people I encounter while at school. At this university, there isn't a religion, race, or personality type that you do not come across and it makes students aware of the world outside of the university. In addition to the people, the food provided to the students in response to the diverse backgrounds is another thing worth bragging about. The food at Rutgers is amazing due to the four different campuses and their dining halls.


It's expansive diversity (culturally, personalities, financially, and academically)


That Rutgers has so much academic support, that the school really wants its student to do well in the future.


Whenever I come home for break, I always brag to my friends about Rutgers. Of course they know that it is a huge party school, and the whole atmosphere is just fun. However, I usually brag about how interesting my classes are. There are so many different classes I can take, in multiple departments, that I know not every college has to offer. Instead of having to take certain history classes that may not interest me, I am able to enroll in a myriad of amazing courses that are actually alot of fun to be in.


Rutgers' vice is also its virtue; the large amount of students creates a fantastic environment for those who want the classic college experience. The social activities one can attend are astounding, and can often leave students forgetting other reasons why they attended Rutgers. Potential friends can be found everywhere, from frat parties to crammed busses. The greek life on Rutgers is vast, and provides students every degree of frat life. Those who are not into greek life need not stress-the amount of activities are bound to have friends that suit your interests. Friends are your last problem at Rutgers.


I tend to brag about all of the opportunities I have to work with a faculty that is so immersed in doing research. This year I am working as a research assistant for a professor who has been at Rutgers for over 30 years. I would not have been able to do this as a sophomore at many other schools.


the parties


I brag about the food in the dining halls and how it is better than theirs.


It is very diverse and the classes are very good. It is tough but still a lot of fun.


Rutgers is a very excellent school. It is one of the best schools in New Jersery. Most of the teachers here are well known outside Rutgers. It is a diversed school with different cultural backgrounds and belief. The birthplace of college football.


I brag about how great our campuses are. At Rutgers, we have 5 smaller campuses on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. Each of them has different things to offer, and I love the variety. I can get pizza on Livingston, or I can get a hamburger from Wendy's on College Avenue. There is so much to do, so I love bragging about Rutgers.


Living in a city allows for a lot of diversity of culture, food and social activities. It's close enough to home that I can visit my family and friends whenever I like, and proximity of a train station makes it incredibly easy to get to Manhattan or Philadelphia


I love the atmosphere that Rutgers has. You can walk outside and get that big city feel but at the same time feel perfectly at home in a small town because of the comraderie and school spirit that is all around. It really is the best of both worlds.


the respect of going to the biggest university in New Jersey


The sheer amount and variety of classes available (quite impressive).


There are many research opportunities available for students on campus. There are many biotech and pharmaceutical industry jobs concentrated in the area around New Brunswick. There are so many faculty at Rutgers that, compared to other schools, it is fairly easy to find at least one faculty member who focuses in your area of interest. Faculty are open to teaching interested students individually, which is a tremendous advantage over schools where it is more difficult to stand out. The sheer volume and diversity of the student body means there is a club for every interest.


We bleed scarlet. There is so much school spirit at Rutgers it is contagious.


fun socialable like high school all over again.. just more people no financial aid..


I like the business school, the extra curricular activities, and the social aspect.




mostly the wide variety of classes that are available and how difficult they are.


I brag mostly about the people I have meet within the last four years. The friendships are one of the most important things that are to be gained from the college experience.


My demographic is hispanic, low-income female. Many people from this demographic do not even graduate high school, much less enroll and graduate from college. I brag that this is a four-year accredited University, with competitive admission. Also, the creator of the EckoRed clothing line attended this school before dropping out and pursuing his dreams.


close to home, low tuition costs


quality of Army ROTC program


Football team and the writing program