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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Having a college education is a great opportunity to advance in life. Most employers have it as a requirement and wont take a look at you if you dont have a college degree.


My college experience has been very valuable. I have been able to expand my interest due to Rutgers University wide selection of classes. I have made many new wonderful friends that help me want to become a better student. I have also have become of the Rutges LIfe community by joinng organizations such as RHA (Residential Hall Association). Joining this orgainzation has allowed me to become really involved in the community and host events. These events alow studets to get to know one another and make friends. At first its somewhat hard to make friends in a new place but college offers oppertunities to be social. My college experience has taught me so much about other cultures I never new about. I have been able to narrow down what I would like my career to be in the future and what kind of person I want to become. Having a college experience also is a huge step for many students to become independent form parenats and learn responsibility. My college experience has taught me to be on my own and grow as a person. Without my college experience I would not be this involved and eager to follow my ambitions.


Out of my college experience I have gotton ahead in school and will graduate early. It has been valuable that I attend college right now and in the future because I hope to become a pharmacist. My college experience has given me time to think about what I really want to do in life as for a job and a future.


In college I have come to realize that it is not just about getting good grades and having the highest GPA; it is about a person's character and attitude toward others. Being ruthless in one's attempts to reach the top only displays selfishness to others, and makes that person seem unworthy for a position, job, or other qualifications. Most of the time teamwork is the most crucial and without this experience, it would be hard to get a job. I have come to build my communication skills and interact with others more fully than I had been able to in the past. These skills have helped me network not only with my peers but with professors and other professionals. At Rutgers, I have become both academically and socially involved, allowing me to better myself and at the same time give to my community.


I've made some lifelong friends and gained many many interesting stories that I like to share to friends and family not from Rutgers. The experiences I've gained have been valuable in that they're helped me grow as a person from a relatively immature high school kid to a young adult who still manages to have fun and be on top of everything he has to do in his life. I am currently gaining experience in the field of journalism through an independent study with a professor which is an oppurtunity that I don't know if I would have gotten had I attended another school. The students I have met here are all academically driven and have rubbed off on me, making me a much more driven person. When I first got to Rutgers I was not a serious student but as the semester passed I realized what I needed to do and was able to get my act together and succeed academically and socially in more ways than I originally thought I could.


When I first atteneded college I was not prepared for the overwhleming factor of being at a large school such as Rutgers; however, it led me to obtain skills as a massage therapist, travel the world, and finally figure out what I want to do in life. So, my initial college experiences were difficult, but they set me on the road of self and global exploration. With that, I've decided to enter into the medical field where I may continue to broaden my mental and physical horizons while at the same time being able to help those around me.


I would say that the most valuable thing I have absorb from my college experience its that there is always something new to learn. Each day we go to school we hace this amazing opportunity to be able to exchange ideas. Make connections, networking, and engage in activities. College is the place were you can always find a place to be and be part of. There are a bunch of different clubs that as a students we can join. That eventually would make us become more socialy active and better communicators.


Rutgers has given me a sense of what the world is like. I have done multiple volunteering trips to places like New Orleans and Mississippi. I have studied abroad and traveled to England, Ireland, and Holland. I have attended football games, been to concerts and comedy shows, and acted in front of an audience. I was able to do all of that because I went to Rutgers. The classes I take prepare me for what I want to do after I graduate. The faculty help you and really want to see you accomplish your goals. College has definetly made me grow up and mature as a person.


College was where I learned the difference between the real world and my world. In middle school, teachers thought i was a sweetheart, i was in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my class, a peer leader, and lead role in our 8th grade play, Aladdin. Even in high school, my name was known around the school. I had everything I wanted: good looks, National Honor Society, varsity track for 4 years, spring and winter track captain for 3 years, soccer captain for 3 years, and the list just goes on. I thought "college? How bad could it be?". Big mistake: thirty-five thousand people could care less about who you are and who you were in high school, you do not see the same people everyday, and classes are much harder. With all the free time I had gained, I did not know what to do with myself, because I always had practice till late and homework after everyday. I realize that college was a small taste of adulthood where you have to manage your time, work harder than you have ever worked to achieve your goals, and not depend on popularity to get you through life.


College taught me to be self sufficient and taught me that you only get from life the effort and love that you put into it. That includes working hard to make something of yourself and to help the community around you. For these reasons alone it was a valuble experience, another reason being the life long friendships you make. These life long friends as well as the acquintances made along the way teach you to be comfortable in your own skin.


College has given me a very broad perspective on life. Even though what I learned as a liberal arts student was diverse, the training in abstract thinking and analysis allows me to consider multiple perspectives on real world issues. College helped make me an open-minded person who seeks out opportunites to engage different cultures. These abilities make me feel like a member of the global community and allow me to share similar values with others on a regular basis. Without my undergraduate degree, I would not have been able to obtain a master's degree in molecular biology, which I utilized for nearly ten years as a pharmaceutical research scientist. This experience, along with my prior military career, always filled me with a strong feeling of pride in knowing that my work had significant humanitarian value. Now, I have returned to college to pursue a law degree in order that I may help people on a more individualized, one-on-one basis. I hope to receive the scholarship so that I may lessen the debt I must assume , and thus devote the utmost of my personal resources to providing the highest possible level of service to future clients.


Divere and wonderful place to do other things. Can get lost in the crowd


Thus far out of my college experience I have received more than I could ever imagine. First of all, the experience of being away from home, and having only myself to rely on while making decisions is something I am not used to, and it is certainly a growing experience participating in these decisions. The classes are informative, and I find myself actually eager to attend class, which was an issue in high school, as a great deal of the subject matter did not interest me. In college, I am actually able to decide for myself what I wish to learn, and it definitely heightens my work ethic. In addition to this, some of the relationships I've made with other students have further enriched the experience I am having. To be honest, every aspect of college is fantastic. I'm literally having the absolute time of my life here, and the only thing holding back further enjoyment is the money situation. The current economy has made it nearly impossible for financial aid to be given to me, who comes from a family who does not make a lot of money. I really, really, would appreciate this.


I have gotten a background in my field already my freshman year. I also made many new friends that will probably be around the rest of my life.


I found that college is the place to continue finding out who you truly are. College is the time to learn about all the subjects and topics you are interested in. This is where you will meet people who are just as passionate as you are. Making the choice to attend college was the biggest decision in my life. I have met people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I continuously learn about amazing people and astonishing events throughout history. I am surrounded by some of the worlds brightest minds, and yet these are people just like me, they are me. When I walk around campus and look at all the other college students, I can't help but imagine all of tomorrow's leaders and all the great things every single one of us will accomplish. I believe college has been valuable to attend not only for the long-lasting friendships, nor the wealth of knowledge; but mainly for the sense of fulfillment. The sense of accomplishment I get knowing that I am achieving what no one else in my family has done, and what so few throughout history have done, is like no other feeling.


I have learned tons about the teaching profession after taking my Education 1301 class. I wouldn't trade that expierence for the world because education is my passion.


I have not been in college long, for I am writing this upon the conclusion of my freshmen fall semester. However, I can say that in the few months that I have been here, I have learned many things, about the world and more importantly about myself, that I was unaware of before. I found out that succeeding requires more than simply doing what you're told. In high school, I did well by living up to the expectations of others, but being in college, has made me realize that I have to have expectations for myself. There are no longer guardians and teachers telling me what I should do. Instead, everyone is asking me what I am going to do. College has been valuable for me to attend, because through my experiences I have begun to figure out what I want in life, to succeed financially, to achieve happiness, and to contribute to bettering our world. I've learned many things here, but this particular lesson, that my goals are mine to design and my responsibility to achieve, has impacted me the most. Ultimately, I am here to improve myself and my future, not just to please someone else.


While in college I have gained valuable friends and learned life long lessons that I fell will help me later in life.


It has been valuable to me in that I have been able to meet new people. However, it has been troublesome to me to realize how much money is required to get an education, especially without aid. Having expected aid in the beginning and not receiving any now, I realize that I must either take initiative to find alternatives or to find ways to fund my education.


The best thing I've gotten out of college are my education and my friends. I've gained a weatlh of knowledge beyond my immediate major, even beyond books, from peers, teachers, projects, campus activities, and experiences I've been through. This is invaluable. I've met people I would have never met from every walk of life, and am thankful for every conversation I've had with my peers, from close friends to random strangers, it was all a great chance to learn about them, and, mostly, myself.


Being at Rutgers, especially in the specialized 6 year Doctor of Pharmacy program, made me realize that no matter how smart and savy I thought I was in highschool, no matter how ready I felt I was to take on college, I was definatley not as prepared as I thought. This isn't nessecarily a bad thing, it just makes me want to work much harder to attain my goal of recieving a Doctorate at the end of these 6 long years. The classes are harder, the workload is much heavier and my fellow classmates are of a much higher caliber then anything I have encountered before, and yet I think all this helped instill in me the valuable idea that if you want something you have to work your hardest and push yourself to new extremes to get it. The higher levels of competetiveness in the classroom has motivated my mind to absorb all that is being thrown at it and I feel that I am learning and understanding more now then I ever have before. Rutgers University has helped mold me into a more efficent person and that will help me throughout the rest of my life.


I have gained a lot out of my college experience so far that I've been here. A huge factor that has made a great impact on my experience at college is independence. It's been a great pleasure to learn the ups and downs of being completely responsible for every action or decision I make and learn from it as well. Learning time management and other responsiblities have been key to my college experience as well as creating many new life-long friendships and memories.It has been so valuable to attend because I've gained so much, although it has only been about two months, in so many different ways; academically, mentally physically, and socially. Deciding to attend college is a choice that I will never regret due to all the wonderful things I've been able to learn, discover and encounter.


Thus far, I have met hundreds of new people. The college experience has been a learning experience. I've learned to be more proficient with time and manage stress by enjoying college for the limited time I am going to be here.


Attending a two-year college was never in my original educational plan, however, upon closer evaluation, I found that it was a lot more cost-efficient to attend a two-year college rather than start off at a four-year university. My college experience has been a favorable one, I enjoy learning alongside peers that also enjoy learning. I have made many friends, and I've gained much knowledge and life experience in the short time that I've been attending. College has always been an important and essential goal for me, ever since I was a little girl I've had big dreams of attending the most prestigious universities and graduate schools in order to be the best educator and citizen that I can be.


For the past year and a half I have attended Jacksonville College. I am very glad that I chose to attend this college before going to a four year university. The classes are smaller, and this gives the professor more time to spend with each student individually. I can honestly say that the information my professors taught in class has stuck with me. Not only have the classes been a joy to be apart of, but I am also very involved in the school's extra curricular activities. I am an active member of the Jacksonville College choir, and singer's groups and I have thouroughly enjoyed participating over the last three semesters. This college is definately the college that's different, it provides students with a solid education in a Christian environment, and through attending this school my life has been enriched.


I discovered through college the direction that I wanted to go to in the future. Originally, I thought I would go towards one discipline. However, after taking several courses in philosophy, I decided that the academia would be my path in life.


The greatest thing I have got our of Rutgers is its resources. There are so many ways to learn new things and advance academically here. For anyone that wants to do research in their respective fields they can gain entry into any field of research here by locating a lab of their choice. There are many clubs here also so that one can even indulge in their hobbies. Rutgers truly has something for everyone in their campus.


I haven't attended college yet.


I have gained so many things through my college experience. Whether it be friends or new academic roadmaps in which i will be able to persue. I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity and would choose to apply to Rutgers over and over again. I have learned many things through my college experience through Rutgers, such as: Study AT LEAST 1 hours for an exam, and get to know your professors. Between the world renown faculty and dedicated upperclassmen, there was never an opportunity to hit a dead end at Rutgers. To me, that is a very valuable thing to gain from a university. I have improved my social and interpersonal skills and put my classroom lessons to practical use in life. All in all, going to a big university has yeilded many great opportunites for advancement and has been an extremely enriching experience.


All one ever hears about college is how nobody is going to remind you that a paper is due in two weeks or that the exam will cover half of the textbooks chapters; college was full of responsibilities that I wasn’t even sure I could handle. I had always told myself that I wouldn’t room when I went to college but I had to attend a summer program which required me to. At first this was difficult, I was use to my forty-five minute showers which were no longer possible, my roommate was extremely talkative and I was never much for socializing. In that month my life long habits had been brought to a halt, I no longer could procrastinate, long showers were done, and my social life was beginning to broaden. Towards the end I began to appreciate having spent my summer in school, I had gotten a head start on the college life before any other freshman and knew what to expect. My experience taught me about the academic life as well as the social life and how it is possible to have both as long as one knows about time management.


I honestly think that a college education should be available to everyone, because of the benefits that I have received from going to college. I have become more open with people, I have learned to see things around me in a different way, and I have received an education that is leading me on a path to a great career where I know I will be prepared to face the world. While the financial aspect of attending school is tough, it is a great investment because a college degree is the key to getting a job in the future and moving forward in the world.


Most individuals go to college for one reason, to get a degree, but some people, like myself, leave with something much more. College for most students is their first taste of living on their own and their first step into the real world. In turn, students learn responsibility through elegantly juggling schoolwork, activities, and a social life. This new idea of responsibility follows us into all aspects of life. Learning responsibility is the most valuable part of my college experience because it helped me take care of my family when they needed me most. The first year at a university is filled with endless challenges that will test the breaking limits of all its students and my first year was no different. In addition to school endeavors I was faced with the most painful time of my life, the death of my father. During finals, when my father passed away I was given two extremely heartbreaking trials: finishing finals after losing a loved one and becoming the father of my family at only nineteen years old. Many people would have been undoubtedly crushed from the pressure, but the responsibility that college taught me helped me prevail in those tough times.


I was always a fast learner, and never liked to ask for help unless it was absolutly necessary. After having completed my first year at Rutgers University, i learned that it is ok to ask for help, and that it does not make you less of a student. Everyone has the same goals in college, to succeed and graduate. Every one around you is there to help in what ever way they can, and the only person holding you back from fulfilling that goal is yourself. The sleepless nights and long study sessions would not have been possible if it werent for my friends. We kept each other focused and inspired. I surrounded myself with people that i could count on and by the end of our first year, we all finished with acceptance to our schools national honors society. College, although it can be hard, is the best part of growing up. It is where you find your strengths and weaknesses, and where you become an adult


I learned a lot from college. I discovered the value of education and to think for myself. I became my own person and formed my own opinions. Also, I leanred how to be independent and take care of myself, and I am more sociable and aware of the importance of being a part of a community. Most importantly, I discovered that I am passionate about politics and international issues. Before attending college I was rarely exposed to either of these topics and did not have an interest in them. College has made me more worldly and for that I am forever greatful because I do not think I would have developed this global perspective without the classes I took and the issues I was exposed to. College has opened my mind and inspired me to learn. It has given me the mindest where my new goals are figments that never crossed my mind four years ago. Without this experience I would not be the independent woman I am today.


My college provided an educational journey that was full of diversity and intellectual challenges. I was provided with the opportunity for educational success because of the availability of counselors and deans that were truely interested in seeing their students succeed academically and for personal growth. Because of the diversity of the student body and faculty being so international, it established a social foundation that would prepare me for living and working in the pluralist society that we have become.


I wish I could go back to college sometimes. It was such a great time to just explore and figure out what you want and need. The rules and pressure wasn't as much as it is in Graduate school. I could mess up and still find a way to redeem my grades in college. It was certainly a great time to work hard but also play hard. I loved college and Rutgers was in a different state from my home town. I loved being far from home because it gave me even more independence from my family. Rutgers was a good mix, it let students have fun but for those who were academically serious could also find several ways to succeed.


Even though I am only a freshman in college, I have already learned more about who I am and who I want to be just from this first year then I could if I did not go to college. When I first entered college I only figured that my college experience would be a step ahead of what high school was but I was very wrong. College has made me more aware what is happening in the world and how the real world really is. I have also become exposed to a vast majority of people of different cultures, religions, and ethnic backrounds which I would not have been exposed to if I had not gone to college. And more importantly this experience has helped me become completely confident in the type of career I want to have after I graduate. For anyone that wants to not only learn more about who they are and about the world but also help them find their dream career, then i recommend that they should go to college. I have never regreted my decision to go and I never will.


I came to Columbia Basin Community College in 2008 as a sad pup with my tail between my legs. It was a lifestyle that I had adopted from my parents. They had been struggeling alchoholics my entire life, and the images of my past lingered with me even when I move out. I knew there was a better way for me to live life, and that I didn't have to walk the path that they did. I was determined to break out of my pre-formed life. Within a few weeks on my own, and with the help of my closest friends, I voluntarily signed up for things that I would never have done back at home. I was taking scat solos in jazz choir, starting a French club, and even the captain of the men's soccer team. Still, I am humble about my accomplishments. I realize that any person could have done the things that I have done if they truly wanted to. But that's what I have learned from my college experience: that I am one of those people you hear about. One of the people that nobody can hold back- not even my parents.


College is truly a growing experience. As a responsible, strong willed woman I did not expect to grow or change in college. However, the reality of my university experience opened my eyes to the value of a university education. High school, is a walk in the park compared to college, one in which your hand is held tightly throughout the outing. In college the student must make hard choices for his/herself and take responsibility for his/her mistakes alone. The mistakes are usually costly, second chances are hard to come by, and third chances are unrealistic. Nevertheless, the harsh reality the student faces in college strengthens him/her and creates a calculating, conscientious individual out of each freshman. The professors are tougher than high school teachers but they provide a realistic example of future employers while offering their guidance to any hardworking student. Mostly college is a learning experience in which one must learn to plan one’s time, and develop effective study techniques. People exist amidst universities who can help students excel The challenge is finding and committing to the necessary means to your success. I have gained confidence, strength, and surpassed my own expectations in college.


so far i have not started going to Rutgers since school starts in September but the few times i have been there, the teachers were extremely friendly and sociable. They try to help and they want you to progress in the real world. I have liked campus and the people are nice.


I've learned to be dependent solely on myself. If there is something I want done or need to know I have come to understand that I need to fight for it with a passion no matter how small or large the concern. I grew up in a pretty diverse neighborhood however attending Rutgers opened my eyes to an even more diverse crowd of people from all over the globe and showed me how special and unique each culture is and the importance of acceptance and understanding of one another. Not only have I almost finished an undergraduate degree in a field I am very happy and interested in but I have also gained valuable colleagues, resources and friends along the way because of the activities, organizations and events on and around campus. The experience has been tremendously valuable because it has challenged me at a very high level and because I feel successful now I know the battle was worthwhile in preparing me for the future.


Knowledge, the backbone of college,is as I have found to be only one small part of my college experience. I have learned something different; I have learned how to succeed. I have taken all of the bits, the ?knowledge? that has been given to me and I have learned and realized who I am and what matters to me. Ultimately college has given me the tools, helped me master my skills, and refined my aim. Without the mistakes and successes that I have had these past three years I know that I would not be able to say I am ready to face the world with all of its twists and turns.


I have yet to begin my college experience, as I will be entering my freshman year in September of 2010. However, I believe that Rutgers is very valuable to my life experience because of all that it has to offer. Its a place where I can get an amazing education in the field that I wish to pursue a career in (Pharmacy), and where I can continue to discover myself, through the many leadership and social opportunities offered by the diversity of people and clubs.


By attending Rutgers, I was able to discover my passion for media. I have chosen to work in television in the future because I simply love it. With a various selection of courses at Rutgers, I got to experience things that I liked and that I didn't like. During my freshman year, I had a clear goal in mind that I wanted to be in the business world after college. However, I soon found out that business was not the major that I should pursue. With a school so large and diverse, I learned to always keep an open mind and to not be afraid of trying new things. Now I am on a career path that I am excited to be on. I loved learning about television and media at Rutgers and I cannot wait to learn more when I attend graduate school in the fall.


College has allowed me to experience life from a different perspective. I have learned how to network and build my social skills. It has taught me to always strive higher than your normal expectations. If I had not gone to college, I would not have been able to experience life without the help of my parents. The independence of college helps me understand what kind of person I want to be and what I have to do in order to get there.


I believe I have gotten so much from this, my freshman year at Rutgers. I have matured and learned how to budget my time wisely, to do research so much more efficiently than at any time in the past, and to find the path that I was meant follow as I major in Education. If I had attended any other college, which wasn't as diverse or even as large, I believe I would have not had the benefit of all there is to take advantage of here. My thirst for knowledge is growing as I meet each new challenge, and I believe since my childhood, Rutgers was where I belonged. My entire High School experience, in my mind, was only to prepare me for this institution, where challenging professors and classes will help me reach my goal as an educator. I have since discovered, after attending many classes, that I have an interest in Psychology as well, and I know this will only help me become the type of educator this state is known for. I would highly recommend Rutgers for anyone who wishes to get a well rounded education.




I have learned that the real world is faster than I could have ever imagined. Trying to manage a home and a college career is hard but it must be done in order to reach my goals. There are many people in the college world who do not care about attending class or getting good grades but I have realized that I have nobody else to rely on to complete my goals. I have to attend every day just like I would in a work setting because, let's face it, after graduation is the real world, it isn't a fantasy land where instructors do not care whether or not you show up to class because they know that the student is the one who is going to pay the price. I have been blessed with the knowledge and skills I will take away from my college experience. My college experience has prepared me to enter the world of professional workers and given me the ability to manage a hectic life. To me, those are the most valuble possesions I will ever own because nobody can every take them away from me.


What I have gotten most out of my college experience is that moving away from home and not knowing anyone is not as freeing as it seems. All my life I wanted to get out of my small home town and move to a place where no one knew who I was, to me it seemed like a fresh start on life. Little did I know that when I finally got to East Carolina University I would immediatley become home sick and regret my decision to move five hours away from home. Now that I am back at home and attending AB Tech Community College I no longer regret my decission, I now look at my big move from home as a learning experience and now I realize that I need to wait until I feel ready and not just move far away because I dont want to be that girl from a small town. Now that Im home I already miss being in a university setting and im ready to go back, but this time not one so far from home.


While my experiences at Rutgers University were not always pleasant, I cannot deny that I learned some valuable lessons from my experience. One of the most important things I gained from my time at Rutgers University was discovering that I had to be true to myself and follow my passion. As a young woman, I had a tendency to do things to please my parents, and I found that I needed to have a passion for what I was doing in order to succeed. In addition to learning to be true to myself, I also learned to be overcome adversity and ask for help from others. In high school, I was often very submissive and reluctant to ask for help, and I credit my college experience for helping me change that aspect of myself. I also learned to question the status quo, to advocate for myself and others, and think critically about major societal issues. Finally, the most important thing I got out of my undergraduate experience was learning to persevere even when it appeared unlikely that I would succeed.