Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I didn't get the biggest meal plan because no one ever finishes it. I also wish I applied for housing earlier because if you apply late, you might get screwed over.


I wish I knew the class size. However, it still doesn't change my relfection of Rutgers. I would still attend it. Its a great school.


wish i'd known to start looking for research opportunities with professors ASAP


How much of campus social life is oriented toward sorority and fraternity activities and include alcohol.


That'd it go by so quick.


What classes to take.


The actual size of the school.


I wish I knew how valuable getting involved in different clubs and activities was in order to really get a sense of where you belong on such a large campus. Once you do this, the campus seems to become much smaller and more manageable with a larger network of friends within the school.


Rutgers is a great university, but unfortunately its public image seems to be not as good as it deserves. I wish I had known how good it was before getting in.


How to adjust better your freshman year and how to write better papers!!


alcohol always involved


I wish I had known that many of my professors did not speak english well and that they did not give partial credit for math. Also I wish i had know some more chemistry before attending a school that is entirely incapable of teaching the subject.


That college life is more than just being happy to be away from Mom and Dad. It involves being responsible enough to know how to prioritize your time between study and every other thing and still have a healthy balance


Get more information about the professors and their teaching styles.


The student is extremely dependant on the school's bus system.


I was pretty well informed on most things actually-- academics, housing, extracurriculars, etc.


I wish I had known that you essentially need a car to attend this school. Rutgers has its own system of buses which run frequently, however those are only good for going to class. If you want to go to the mall or the movies or the grocery store you are out of luck without a car.


More about the courseload/classes/credits


nothing really


That AP exam credits are awarded.


How expensive it is to get a parking pass once you are allowed to have your car on campus. Also how expensive it is to have your car here considering all the tickets, towing, damage, and everything else that happens to your car.


How expensive it would be!


The work load is very heavy but as soon as you learn to organize your time around it, you will be fine. Do not stress over it because you will be able to get it all finished.


I wish that I had known how to study for classes such as Biology and Chemistry that require a lot of timeand commitment. My high school was easy so I never learned how to do that and got good grades without putting much effort into it.


That I didn't need to freak out as much as I did. High school work ethic is certainly different, but if you work hard naturally, then college work isn't too different.


I wish I'd known about all the clubs, activities, intramurals, etc. and how easily accessible they are.


I wish I had known more about the area and the traditions. I am not from New Jersey like most of the rest of the student population, so sometimes it is hard to understand what many people might consider normal or common-knowledge.


How the college atmosphere is even more so like a typical high school division and that so many undereducated people attend.


How awkward the campus is set up. It's a little hard to make it to class on time. Other than that I have a good time here.


I wish I knew that there was little to offer students on weekends who do not like to drink. The city the school is in lacks diversion apart from a bar scene open to people 21 and up.


I wish that I had known which major I would ultimately choose. Had I known then, I wouldn't be overloaded with psychology classes in my last year :-/


how to manage my time more efficiently. that would have been very helpful freshmen year.


I wish that I would have known how unbelievable an experience it would be to attend Rutgers University. College is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and I wish I had come to the University more excited to be a part of it.


I wish I would have known how crowded the buses were going to and from capuses. I also wish I would have known exactly how big all my classes were going to be. As well as how crowded all the buildings, cafeterias, and dorms were.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the school in terms of the how the School of Engineering office is run and how the Professor were rated in terms of there teaching criteria. I aslo wish I would of had a better understanding of the academic material that was taught to me in high school, so that it would not be as difficult for me to keep up with the professors.


The Size and Magnitude


I wish I had known what a true college experience I was going to get - from the football games, to the professors that can get a whole class laughing or into a debate, there is never a moment I want to be anywhere else, I would have told myself not to worry and to get ready for the best years of my life where I'd be challenged on a constant basis and still manage to do more for my community than ever before, all while having fun and loving my campus and my school.