Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school is a large school where many employers recognize the name. This is helpful when applying to other programs and schools.

Patricia L

The best thing about my school is the academics. Professors and coursework challenge you to think. The classrooms are filled with discussions and the lectures make you analyze and dig deeper. This is the first school I have gone to that understands that these aspects in academics are crucial to learning. I haven't had a class yet that consisted of regergetation, assignments are structured to have you think futher and to think like your thoughts will make a difference. Rutgers has many other reasons for being a great school, this is one that is very dear to me.


The best thing about Rutgers is actually its size. Rutgers promotes leadership and involvement like no other school. "Get Involved" becomes the first slogan you consistently hear, and it works! Everyone is involved at Rutgers, every student is going full throttle into what they are interested in whether it be art, video games, world of war craft, there is a niche for any student and a campus for every student. The large size allows for many unique interactions and the 5 campus let you change your scenery so that the school never feels static. No two days are ever alike.


The best thing about my school is the amount of diversity in the student body. Had it not been for this, I would never have gotten the chance to interact with a plethora of international students. Doing so has completely paved the path to my future, as I am now studying abroad and pursuing the ability to work abroad. Rutgers' amazing study abroad programs and office has been a life changing experience for me.


I think the best thing about Rutgers is how many opportunities are available to students. The academic rigors are stimulating and challenging at times, but students truly learn a lot. There are also a wide variety of social and extracurriculur activities available to students, as well as jobs, internships, and career fairs.


The best thing about Rutgers is its diversity. You meet a variety of people all interested in different things. Every student can find a niche.


The best thing about Rutgers is it's flexibility. There are so many resources available to students that it really lets anyone explore whatever they'd like, both academically and recreationally.


Very diverse


Its diversity


The best thing about Rutgers University is that the school is very diverse. You will never feel uncomfortable or alone at this school since there are people of every race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation here.


Rutgers campus is Unique in that you can have both a city (College Avenue) and a country feel (Cook/Douglass) at one university.


Rutgers campus is Unique in that you can have both a city (College Avenue) and a country feel (Cook/Douglass) at one university.


What is unique about my campus is that we are not secluded from the rest of the world. Students may be studying for a medical field job, and on thier way to class they will walk by one of two major hospitals here in New Brunswick, witnessing doctors and nurses attending work, just as they may be doing in the near future.


The school for disabled children where I did field work is phenomenal.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. It is very welcoming, but large enough that you meet knew people everyday. I went to a small high school, graduating with about 120 other students, so needless to say, Rutgers is a huge difference, but I've loved every second of it. The atmosphere of a such a large school can be overwelming, but close friends will be made, new hangouts will be acquired and new activities will be a natural part of life.


The broad opportunities from a large university with the benefits of belonging to a small college campus (one of many that make up Rutgers U.).


The size of the school. There are a multitude of helpful staff members to assist with my career goals as well as plenty of students in the same position as me that I can meet and learn from.


The philosophy program at Rutgers is top notch. It is the most overlooked department in the whole school, ranking third best philosophy program in the English spoken world. I feel it is somewhat underfunded and overlooked by many applicants, who find more appeal in the Ernesto Mario School of Pharmacy. Rutgers' philosophy professors are world class and have inspired me to learn many new things and encourages critical thinking and academic writing.


I consider Rutgers diversity and size a huge asset. There are many oppurtinities here for anyone that wants to succeed.


The best thing about Rutgers is that it is such a big school and it has so much to offer. This allows me to explore different cultures and academic opportunities I would not have been able to take advantage of had I gone to a smaller university


The diversity of both the student body and the staff. The large size of the university. The unlimited amount of activities and resources readily available.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the diverse student body. Imagine having to go to a small school where only one demographic rules them all and your forced to see the same faces every day. At Rutgers, I'm exposed to a variety of different people from all parts of the world that that all come together under one purpose, to be educated. It's an emotion that is too strong for words and couldn't picture my place any place else.


The social environment on and off of the campus. I wanted to take in the diverse personality the Rutgers offers. I hv emade many good friendships and acquatances. As for the academics of Rutgers, I have been mostly please. Being a Philosophy major and transfer student, I have finally gotten into my major and have been loving the experience and the knowledge that I am acquiring. While other classes may not be as engaging as the ones offered by Philosophy, I haven't regreted enrolling, ever.


The best thing about my school is the diversity you can find at any given place and at any given time all around campus. Not to mention that the campus itself is huge, it provides a wide variety of tastes and cultures from all around the world. You can always hear a new language you hadn't previously heard, or hear about experiences from exotic places around the globe. It's a truly interesting place to be.


The best thing about Rutgers is definitely its diversity. As a student you can attend one of the best art schools in the United States, or take part of possibly the best equine science departments around. It's easy to get involved with research, too- a great resume builder if you want to continue your education. There's lots of opportunities to get involved, so much that it's almost too much. There is plenty of Greek life, athletics, honors societies, and various clubs to become a part of. And it really broadens your horizon about different cultures, too.


The best attribute of Rutgers University is the sense of school pride and community. I came to Rutgers from Texas and moved halfway across the country not too sure what to expect. However, I had no reason to be unsure because as soon as I arrived in my dorm I felt a sense of community of and pride that not many univeristies offer. As a freshman I was able to find my niche in a univeristy of 30,000 students and I have never once felt lost or like I'm simply a 'number.'


The best thing about this school is the diversity. There are so many different cultures. It is a big school so there are a lot of different people and places. You are a bus ride away from a happening city, which is just as close as farmland.




The best thing about my school is the diversity. Rutgers is very cultural and has hundreds of diverse and unique student organizations that can cater to any race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Another plus, is the five different campuses which cater to individual living styles and preferences of a student and each campus has its own dinning hall for convenient dinning or take out, and a fully equipped gym with a pool to help stay healthy and fit! Rutgers also has a vast category of majors and minors to explore the most common or unusual fields of study.


That there is such a diverse population and a wide variety for social and academic opportunities. There are many clubs, sports, and organizations to get involved in. Students often joing clubs outside their academic interests and are truly interested in meeting new people, trying new things, and being involved in things that they enjoy.


The best thing about my school is the diversity and the programs and degrees they offer.


The best thing about my school is the population, which is quite large and diverse.


The best thing about Rutgers is that you're getting a solid education for a reasonable price. Tuition has gone up over the past couple years, and departments have been cut due to budget cuts, but I definitely am glad I went there. It prepared me so that I was able to get into the veterinary school of my choice, and didn't leave me with any debt, plus I made lifelong friends.


The best thing about Rutgers University is the education I am receiving. At rutgers I know that I am getting a very good education at a very prestegious university. I am more than just confident in the education I receive, but also proud to say that I am apart of such a wonderful learning environment which one is given at Rutgers New Brunswick.


Rutgers University is a very diverse school. The popularity of the university and the the size is a great experience. It allows students to get a better feel of what the real world is after high school. Feeling the independence of this new system really lets students get the greatest experience of their life. It helps prepare us for our future careers.


The huge variety of classes offered, the large amount of activities available to the students, and the career services provided by the school.


The best thing about Rutgers was the college city atmosphere. There were resources everywhere, and while you may not have had a guidance counselor pointing them all out to you, you had the chance to do anything you wanted and participate in a plethora of niche activities. There was a group, an event and/or a setting for any interest, hobby or major. What is more, each organization openly welcomed newcomers and those who were just trying it out. The world was literally at your fingertips all you had to do was reach out and touch it.


The friends that I have. I believe that some of these friendships will truly last a lifetime.


RU is full of diversity, both ethnic and intellect. The mixture provides for a great interchange and balancing.


Rutgers is a large university that is broken down into smaller campus communities. Therefore, you can choose how big you want the university to be for you. If you seek anonimity among the university, it is there, but at the same time, each individual campus is fairly small (some smaller than others) and each has its own community feel, where you see the same people regularly, making this large university feel very small and personal.


The atmosphere. It feels like home living here at cook, my friends are like family and school is really interesting majority of time.


My school is best known for its' diversity and its' good graduation rate. I was attracted to this school because of the diversity and hugeness of the school. I never liked going to a one race school. My high school was diverse so I went somewhere similar to home.


The best thing about my school is how easy it is to meet new people and make new friends. Between meeting people in your or around your dorm or apartment, in your clubs, or where you work, its near impossible not to make new friends. And almost everyone here wants to meet new people and make new friends. I have to say this is probably one of the most open and friendly environments anyone could ever find.


Diversity-there are so many different types of ideas, religions, and people here that you learn, if not more, just as much in class that you do out of the classroom.


It has a wide variety of majors and interests to explore.


I feel that Rutgers was very culturally diverse and allowed me to focus academically. There was plenty of opportunity for conducting research and obtaining internships for students in their respective fields. Socially, Rutgers provided a great environment for students to make life-long friends and engage in a number of extra-curricular clubs and activities. Overall, the school had a very good mix of social and academic offerings..


The best thing about Rutgers would have to be the vast number of research opportunities it offers. Hundreds of spots are offered to undergraduates during the summer and the university tries its best to place all of the applicants into their research of choice. These opportunities will give students hands-on experience in their field of interest and better prepare them for today's competitive job market. Some students are even offered employment prior to graduation because of their familiarity of the employer through these research opportunities.


The location. Rutgers has pretty much any kind of environment one could want in a college campus. There are four different parts, Cook/Douglass, College Ave., Busch, and Livingston. They each have their own look and between all of them is the town of New Brunswick. But it's not all city, the Cook/Douglass campus has plenty of forest, field, and farm land; there's even a pond. The Busch Campus is corporate-like. Livingston is suburban; and College Ave is very standard-college-campus-like.


The number of majors/opportunities there. Rutgers is huge and at first may not be appealing at first in that way, but take advantage of all the opportunities and people there. The possibilties are endless.


The best thing about Rutgers was the diversity of the students. Within the first month of my arrival here i noticed a vast difference compared with the high school I attended. I feel that at Rutgers everyone is able to get along and create meaningful bonds with those of varying backgrounds very easily. It was truely an institution where varing ideas and viewpoints were able to flow freely.