Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


From countries throughout the world, mostly india, middle east, and asia, most are fairly intelligent and most are motivated.


Unique. Every student at Rutgers Newark has a unique feature about them. No one is singled out because they are "different" since everyone is different. Wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants to class is not abnormal for most students. No one really judges one another. Rutgers Newark has so many different kinds of students, from all age ranges and all ethnic backgrounds. Everyone seems to get along, and no one singled out.


My classmates are diverse, and our unwritten motto is: mutual acceptance and respect.


The classes are pretty diverse and usually generally small in number which is comforting because you can have a one-one-one relationship most times with your professor. Classmates are usually friendly but you do have to be atleast slighty outgoing to get to know them. There are a lot group projects and exercises so you end up getting to know your classmates one way or another. Most people participate in class so you tend to know who is really a taker as well as their diverse views which is great and you can make new friends if your new.


My classmates are all intelligent individuals that are friendly and helpful. They are also very diverse.


My classmates, a plethora of differing religions, social and economic backgrounds and orientations, combine to create a miniature global learning enviroment.


Make sure you go to the financial Aid office weeks before starting class. The financial Aid office is not help at all. Staying on campus was one of the greatest experiences I had because I enjoyed making all the new friends. My classes were good choices for me and the instructors were great.


my peers are eager to learn and are easy to get along with.


The most diverse student body I have ever seen, and I went to school in NY


They were all Conformists who looked and acted the same.