Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


For any graduating students heading off to college, choosing the right college may pose a difficulty. However with the right resources and advocates, this task becomes simple. Our course, the college should provide a great academic environment and contain the major of choice for each student. For parents who are worried about students leaving home to dorm on campus, safety, fair financial pricing, and a healthy meal plan should be considered. Students should also research extracurricular activities at this school that would possible engage in, such as an ethnic club, a sports team, or a musical group. Students should also attend college orientations to get a feel of the school's environment and possible create new friendships along the way. Overall, students that are coming into college for the first time should come onto campus with an open mind to the new experiences that one may face. Yes, getting As in college courses and graduating on time may be one's mindset, but students shouldn't forget to enjoy themselves while in the process. College gives a student the opportunity to make life-long friends, enjoy time in extracurricular activities, and opens the door for future careers after college.


A good education can be obtained almost anywhere if the student is willing enough to make a difference in the world, and if he or she is ready to take on the challenge of becoming a professional. Nevertheless, I advice to be as thorough as possible when searching for the right school. It is a mistake to apply and choose a college because a friend/loved one attends there, or because it is the home of a favorite sports team. There are many aspects that students and parents should focus on when making such a decision: the location of the school, for it to be financially convenient, the professor-student ratio, the academic standards, the major of preference, and the opportunities that the university will be able to offer in the long run. There are many things to think about, and it can be rather overwhelming at times. I think the college experience turns to be rather vital on the kind of person someone becomes. But regardless of all the hard work, dedicated time and patience, the experience turns to also be one of the best in your life.


enjoy the times while you have it they do not last long


When chosing a university take the time to do your research on what each school has to offer. It is also important that you make sure the school meets your needs in terms of size and available academic programs.


I would aks parents to consider value and "bang for their buck". There is no greater sentiment than to know you are receiving a top notch education at a great price, in a school with a very diverse population and dedicated faculty and staff.


"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This question sounds oddly familiar. No student really knows what they want to do in life, but they have a general idea: make money. College is the perfect time and place to explore the endless possibilities of what life has to offer and it's also the time when students find out who they really are and what they want to be. It's through experiences, mistakes, success, and most important how they react in certain situations that makes a college experience. Every college has a number resources for anyone who attends to take full advantage of. There are only a handful of people who actually take the initiative to be active and really enjoy the college experience, one example being to join a fraternaty or sorority. College is all about making the wrong decision and failing because it is perfectly normal to not know why you're going to college or who you are going to be when you grow up. In all honesty there is no "right college," there's only making the best out of your college experience that makes it the perfect college for you.


The most important thing you need to do is to visit the campus before you make the final decision. Research the top 5 schools that will best suit your needs and get the feedback of the students and teachers.


Making sure you have the proper funding available because it is very frustating when you run out of funds and have to transfer out. Don't go to far away from school because travelling can get to be very expensive. My scholarship that I had was very limited and my financial aid fell through because the financial aid failed to help me get employment.


Finding a major you love, stick with it, and make it work.


Choose a school where you think you will learn, enjoy and experience that is valuable for lifetime. Also besides visiting a school, listening from students who already go to that school helps to figure out which school to go!


When choosing the right school, make sure to visit it first. You have to get a feel for the school and its environment. One should also meet with an upperclassman in order to hear their opinion on the school. When choosing the school, make sure that it is the student's decision; for they are the ones who have to live there. Also, if you are commuting make sure you have good transportation in order to get to your school. One should also check to see if many students are able to get jobs after they graduate. An interested student should also see the financial aid packages that the school offers. The student and their parents should tour the dorm rooms as well.


make sure to visit the school before hand, ask a lot of questions and reqest to visit and sit in a class just to feel out the students and professors.


Parents, let your young adults go to the college they want to go to, not the one you think will be best for them. Young adults do not get overwelmed, yes it is hard but you are able to go through the stress, the miscommunications and studying college offers. so long as you do not let anyone intimidate you, you will Graduate.


The best advice for parents would be to let their child change from a young adult to an adult. The best advice for students would be to remember that this is the begining of their adult lives so be careful how far you go from a stable support system


The advice I would give to parents and/or students is that finding the right college is not trying to make the most out of college experience but, is what they can get out of college. The knowlegde to help better their life for the future. This doesn't mean they can't make freinds and be social. You can find and make friends any where in the world. They can just find any college to go to but to get the most out of college experience is to learn while making friends. For example, my brother and I go to 2 diffrent colleges I attend a high cost college while he attends a community college back home. Often we become somewhat jealous of each other he gets to save money and make intelligent friends to help him with school work but, I very social friends. But if i went to the same college as him I wouldnt have been able to have a 3.5 gpa for the NJStar program to later transfer to my college. Beside those point any college would be good it just how well the students apply them self to succeed.


I would tell parents and students to definatley do their research on what college they really want to attend. Every college offers different things. Some colleges have better Business, Engineering, or Nursing programs than others. Students should go to their orientation dates so they can actually get a feel of the campus and what it has to offer. Also, actually meeting with a counselor to talk about their goals and aspirations can help them choose where they actially want to go. Students should make the most of their college experience by actually getting involved with on campus activities. Colleges have many clubs and organizations to join. By joinging these organizations they have the ability to meet new people and make new friends as well as give back to the community by participating in community services. I would also recommend to dorm at least one year of their college years, especially freshman year because I enjoyed it so much. You get to meet new people and actually have new responsiblities, which help you grow as a person. You would not get these opportunities in any other places other than college.


Visit all the colleges you plan on attending and talk to the students their to have their input and ideas as to how campus life is.


Make sure to fill out financial aid a.s.a.p. And apply to three colleges at most at a time to make your decision through process of elimination.


Make sure you start looking for the right college early in high school. there are so many different atmospheres and college settings, that it is never too early to look for what is right for yourself. College offers you an opportunity to build on everything you learned from kindergarten through your senior year of high school, make sure you choose a college that allows you to push yourself to your limits and learn new and interesting things that will allow you to be successful in the "real world." You need to find the right balance both in your college life and in the atmosphere at your college. Sure college is supposed to be about expanding your knowledge and building a foundation for a secure and successful future, but at the same time you need to make friends and build relationships that will allow you to feel complete after you have finished college. Lastly, be yourself and learn from others, college is where you meet new people and are exposed to new things, don't let these aspects of college change you, but allow yourself to become more exposed to such differnces to better yourself as a whole.


When it comes to picking the best college for you, it is important to be sure of what type of person you are. I knew coming out of high school i wasn't ready to, just move away from home and go to a large school. I took the community college route, which is probably the first very good move I made. by doing this this allowed me to be sure the major i chose was the one for me as well as focus on the location of the school or university i would be eventually attending. Two years later i decided to go to Rutgers-Newark. i think this was a good choice. the school is honored one of the most diverse campuses, plus my dream of attending a law school is even close when i can see it out my window every morning. at the end of the day it is where you feel the most comfortable. choose a school where you wont mind living. not being stressed out because of your enviornment will help you adapt to a campus as well as your academics a lot faster.


Visit the campus and see what campus life is really like.


come to rutgers


take it very serious, should have fun but make sure to get your work done and get good grades.


If a student is not strongly pulled by a degree, they should go liberal and make sure all the core classes are done. I made a mistake by 'thinking' I was computer intelligent based on the fact that I use a computer everyday. So I took Computer Science, and long story told short, it was a bad experience and ended up recieving close to no credits for that semester. So take the core classes that will transfer to any degree.


Go with your heart. You're going to want to attend college somewhere you will love. College will be a miserable experience if you don't enjoy the location. I made the mistake not going out to visit the college campuses of the schools I applied for and trusted the websites and brochures. At the same time, you want to look for something different, because by doing so you can find out more about yourself. It's a very important decision to make because you don't want to risk losing credits by transferring to another school you think better suites you.


Don't worry about your first choice it may not always be the best choice!


My best advice for students and parents about finding the right college is to take a campus visit. There is nothing comparable to actually seeing for yourself what the campus is like and what resources the University has to offer. Once you feel that a college "fits", go for it! I initially felt at home when I first stepped foot on the campus at Rutgers Newark and to this day, as a Junior, I still feel this way. To make the most of your college experience I also definitely advise students to dorm, at least their first year. It's a wonderful and memorable experience. Your first year will most likely be your best year so take advantage of living on campus and meeting new people! College life should not need to feel stressful all the time. Starting college means leaving high school drama or bad experiences behind and starting off with a new clean slate. Take advantage of all the school's resources. The tutoring services, free health clinic visits, career fairs, cultural events are all free and there especially for you! Get your money's worth by doing everything you can to make your college years unforgettable!


Just live life. School first, the social part will just happen. Whether it be between roommates, classmates, or just someone you eat lunch with, as long as you live life and dont let the pressure of doing well weigh you down you'll do fine in college. Also, pick your schedule wisely. If your not a morning person dont pick any 830am classes. And talk to your professors, advisors, and deans, these people are key to your success. Once again just enjoy the time your there, and everything will fall into place.