Sacramento City College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People are focused and ready to dedicate themselves to their education should attend Sac City. Sac City has a very determined ora about it. When you step on campus, you know you are there to better yourself by gaining the education provides there.


Students who isn't sure about what they want to major in or if they can't afford a four year university right after graduating high school. It's a great place to get general education done and IGETC done if you want to go to a University of California or a State College. I had a lot of great teachers and made a lot of friends.


Someone who is unsure of their path in life, and wants a place where they can dabble in everything that interests them without worrying about cost. You can take a class on aeronautics, african music or ethical philosophy. This college is a great place for someone who has a variety of interests but needs a starting place that can help them narrow down the choices.


The kind of person that should attend community college is definitely a person with patience and time on their hands. A teenage student fresh out of high school should attend this school because they are just stepping foot into the college life and need to think about what they want to major in. This school is definitely for a person of low income that is testing the waters in the career life by taking general ed classes and introuction classes.

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