Sacred Heart University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


the students are somewhat friendly and often run in there sepret groups


My classmates are very supportive of eachother, and willing to help eachother out.


I love all of them!!!


For the most part, a group of students who were happy, committed to achieving success even if they sometimes lost sight of that due to momentarily distractions, and who had an abiding goodness. at their core.


Most of my classmates are very well educated, and attended great high schools that provided them with a good background and experience for college. I have also met a lot of great people at this school, and hopefully will keep friendships with them for the rest of my life. I feel like there are a lot of different groups at this school, and it seems that the more wealthy students stay together whereas the middle class students are more diverse.




Everyone, whether it be athletes or Honor students, cares about their grades and their success. People may spend a little too much time partying, but people at Sacred Heart mostly do their homework and care about where they are at - you do not need to feel embarassed for staying in on a weekend to study because everyone does it once in a while. But people do leave their rooms and the library to have fun too! You'll see a lot of people from your classes studying and socializing in the Mahogany Room.


Very, very, very limited exposure to diversity. Preppy, wealthy, stereotypical.


For the most part everyones nice and easy to get along with. We're preppy to an extent but not as bad as Fairfield U. Its easy to fit in.


My classmates are fun and energetic.


The majority of my classmates understand the importance of balance in life between work and play, and most of them are hard-working, friendly, caring, and considerate people.


There are so many different things to do on campus. You will always find some sort of place where you will fit in.


I find that Sacred Heart is fairly diverse, with different ethnicities, and races. Despite the differences that people might have racially or religiously, I haven't experience any serious problems from it. Since Sacred Heart is very open to all different people, I think its a comfortable environment for many people. Students range from wearing nice clothes(if they have a presentation) to jeans or sweats. No one really gets "dressed up", it's really whatever is comfortable for you. Many athletes tend to wear whatever it is they wear to practice. I find that although some people might have their own groups, different groups interact with other groups sometimes. For example, I'm not a athlete at SHU but I hang out with a lot of the girls from the soccer team. Like i mentioned before many of the students are from Long Island but others come from NJ, CT, PA, and RI.


Depending on who you get involved with - SHU can be great or not. There are some cliques that are noticeable, such as Greek Life and athletics. However, many people who are not involved in such things find friends amongst the dorms.


The student body at Sacred Heart is very different. There are all sorts of athletes coming from all over the world. Then, there are the type of students who get extremely involved in diffferent clubs, or sororities/fraternities or even campus ministry.


Very small student body.


In my opinion, most SHU students are complete idiots who are totally self-absorbed and are unaware of the world around them. As I have said before, they are all spoiled rotten brats from Long Island or surrounding parts of New Jersey whose parents are extremely wealthy. They don't have a care in the world because of the fact that can always turn to mommy and daddy for money and can mroe than likely buy their way our of trouble. I wish these students would walk in my shoes. I come from a small (very small) blue collar working class town in surburban Philadelphia, PA. My parents aren't wealthy. I don't drive a nice car. I have been trying to pay my way through school because my parents can't help me at this time.


The student body is very diverse from different races, social groups, and economic standing. The financial background of most students is middle class to upper class as the school is rather expensive to attend, but many of us hold jobs and are productive on our own means. There are many different ways to get active on campus, including politically as there are the college democrats and the college republicans active on campus.


nice. welcoming. friendly.


We have a pretty diverse campus. Much of the diversity falls within athletics. A lot of people have money here, but not to extreme amounts. You will see the nice cars (lexus, bmw...) and the nice clothes but it isn't everyone. No matter what type of money status you come from, you wont feel out of place here at Sacred Heart. Typically people wear shirts and jeans to class or just comfy sweats (especially during 8ams). Many of the people here are from Long Island but there are people from CT, MASS, NJ, RI. Athletics brings in the kids from all over. The students here are somewhat politically aware, but it isn't a huge thing on campus.


I'm gonna just state this section in bullets: The student body here is pretty diverse. I don't really think anyone would feel out of place at Sacred Heart What students wear to class could range from jeans and a cute top to sweatpants and Uggs. Most of our students are from the tri-state area: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. (I am from New Jersey) And then there are some people from more distant places who are normally recruited for sports. I have many friends here from California, and some from Canada.


Students of Sacred Heart are a very mixed group. We have every social class and ethnic background. Between student activites, sports, and clubs, there isn't a reason not to be involved with the university. Everyone has an open heart and greets you with open arms.


I've never had a bad experience with racial, religious, LGBT, or socio-economic groups on campus. No one seems to care about those things. I think an asian-american would probabily feel out of place just because theres only 2-3 asian americans here. Most students wear jeans and a tank top to class. Skirts in the summer. few people will wear sweatpants unless you were up all night and didnt sleep and needed to be comfortable. Everyone interacts with everyone. Four tables-- sorority table, frat table, pretty table, smart table. most people are from long island and are rich. No one cares about politics, or few very people. people are always talking about how much money they will earn in the future because money is all that matters to a lot of people that go here.


I honestly have never seen so many north face jackets in my entire life. I noticed that alot of the girls dress the same. North faces, leggings and ugg boots.


I don't think it is a huge secret that most SHU students are white, upper middle class, and more often than not...from New York. Being from CT it was a very different social enviroment than I was used to dealing with and took some adjustment as a freshman. In general I think that Sacred Heart has two sides of its student body. The guido/ette, tan, always in the gym, armani exchange side, but then also the athletic, down to earth, 'new england' side.


this is a very diverse university. i never hear racial comments towards anyone. i always see everyone interact with everyone. you will always see your sports teams sit together but they are very welcoming and very social. most of SHU students are from New Jersey and New York. there are a lot of wealthy kids here but there are also a handful of kids who have to take out loans to come here


Very Active.


There is not a great deal of diversity in terms of racial and religious aspects. There is a wide range of students from different socio-economic status. I don't think any person would feel out of place at Sacred Heart because there are enough students that everyone finds people like them. People wear a variety of things to class, from dresses to sweatpants. Everyone wears whatever they want. If you walked into the dining hall there would definitly be tables with different types of people at them. Some tables would be sports teams, kids studying for classes, and tables divided by class (ex. freshman).


Shu is pretty open to new cultures so I feel that every type of student would fit in here. Most students wear jeans or sweatpants to call. I feel that there is a good mix of groups at SHU. Most students at SHU are from Long Island. I would have to say that students are definitely not politically aware.


My personal experiences have been all positive. However, being the president of the Gay/Straight Alliance on campus, I have heard many stories of discrimination towards the LGBT community. However, unfortunately, being on a Catholic campus, it is to be excepted. I don't feel it is a reason to not come here though, because there is a strong support for gays and lesbians as well. There are many different people at SHU. However, you see most people stick to friends of the same color. I don't find it to be a racial thing, though. It is more that they share the same majors or are in a sport together. You really grow close to people who are in a club with you or the same major. However, most people have multiple groups of friends and different types of people all interact.


It is very clear to see that most of the Sacred Heart body is white. You can tell that the other races that are present on campus kind of bond together too. i have not seen any racial discrimination however and everyone is accepted. most of the students that go here are in a good financial situation so of course keeping up with the fashion trend is focused on as well.


The student body is very diverse. There is a multicultural club, and specifically an Italian club, as well as other cultural clubs. There is indeed a GSA for the LGBT community in which you don't have to be a member of the LGBT community to join. You can be straight and just join to support. I honestly don't think any student would feel out of place at Sacred Heart, there is just such diversity here. There are no four tables int he dining halls, everyone just sits with thier friends, or picks a random table to sit with. Most Sacred Heart students are from the North Easter Regin of the US, mostly Ct, NY, Ma and NJ. If I had to say a specific financial background that is most prevalent, I would have to say middle class. However, we are all college students, and therefore we are all in the same financial standing, which is: We all need a job to pay our own bills. Most students are politically aware and active. Everyone hads thier own views, not many pick left or right wing specifically, but have thier own thoughts and ideas about politics.


Sacred Heart's student body is relatively close. Everyone is friendly with everyone. You don't see that a lot at different schools. There are clubs where students can get together and express their likes and dislikes.