Sacred Heart University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Sacred Heart University is best known for their graduate programs and their student teacher ratio. The University cares about their students and wants them to succeed. They are also known for their Division 1 athletics.


Sacred Heart is best known for its Physical Therapy and Atheletic Training programs.


athletics, business program, education masters program


My school is well known for their of community service. We believe in giving back to the community and have many programs to do so. Scholastically we are known for our programs in business, education and health professions. We are a division one school and our teams are talented and give our school a good name. The reason I was attracted to this school was because of the small class rooms and the attention you get from your professors. The school also has so many opportunities with traveling, activities and groups you can become involved in.


Our school is best known for its Health Science majors such as Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, Its Business school, The Education School (where I am going to grad school). It has small classes, dedicated professors who want to see students learn, our high post graduation job rate, and a love for spirituality.


It is known for its huge chapel.


not sure


My University is best known for their athletics and student life. Including student activities, and community volunteer projects. we outreach to our locally communities often.


Sacred Heart University is acclaimed best for it's outreach programs, as well as it's award winning sports teams. While there is a population which is comprised of hard working diligent students, many of the students come from wealthy families, where the students slack off in classes, don't take their education seriously and go shopping every day and party every night. A close friend of mine failed out of the university twice and his father had to pay his way back into the university.