Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


For sports, our football team and club hockey team probably have the biggest following. Students show up to these games painted up, yelling, and sometimes even drunk <--Not advised however. The atmosphere is really something else to feel that camaraderie and to just feel free to yell pretty much whatever you want. I'm part of the club dodgeball team which actually has a pretty big student following as well. The bleachers in our gym get pretty full and visiting teams crack under the pressure of our fans heckling them; it really is a fun time. I met most of my closest friends through the dodgeball team. Doors are often left unlocked in the freshmen living centers. Across the road from campus is an apartment complex called "The Townhomes." This place is kind of like party central because it's close to campus, but you can't get busted by RA's or campus police. Other than that, there are a number of houses nearby that through parties. Lots of people live off campus so parties are not in short supply. Downtown Saginaw, maybe a 15 minute drive from campus, is home to a string of bars, Meinberg's is perhaps the most popular. On a Thursday night, Meinberg's is PACKED with 18 and older college kids getting their dance on. If you're not into drinking, there are other thing to do. Bowling is a quick 10 minute drive and there is always some kind of deal with your student ID. Valley Nights, a group on campus that I'm a part of, offers late night activities free of charge to SVSU students. Valley Nights shows yet to be released movies every Thursday and has weekend programs almost once a month.


Well, the most popular organizations would have to be the frat and sorority clubs just because when most people come to college that's the one thing they expect to see. However there are many different sports and clubs besides that, some which are better known than others. As for myself, I'm involved in some of the lesser known clubs and organizations. I'm in the psychology club which is actually open to any major, not just psychology. Many people probably look and see psychology and think they can't join in that's not their major. It's actually I pretty fun club. We do all different kinds of things like bowling, T-shirts, volunteering, and movies. Of course we also have speakers come in to talk about different types of psychology and their job experience with psychology. Then there is the Equestrian Team which, if you haven't already guessed, is horseback riding. You actually don't need any experience riding to join. You can start taking lessons in the summer or during the school year with one of the two coachs, one is for english and the other is western, depending on what type of riding you want to do. Trust me, I was nervous about joining because I've always wanted to learn but I wasn't sure if you needed to have experience but once I started I fell in love with it. It definately became a place that I felt I belonged to. Unfortunately I don't live on campus so I can't answer a whole lot of questions about the parties on campus or some of the events that happen. However I do know that many students tend to leave their doors open in the dorms when they are home. Sometimes this isn't possible since some dorm doors open to the outside so there aren't many doors open in winter. However it's not unusual at the beginning of fall for people to have their doors open and inviting others from the dorm to come on in because they want to meet new people. Also athletic events, especially football, basketball, and volleyball, are pretty popular at SVSU. I know that for students it's free to go see the football game as long as you have your id on you. One last interesting fact, someone actually started a speed dating thing at SVSU this past fall. They have them on and off throughout the year so that's something interesting.


Delta sigma pi, which is a business professional fraternity.


You can get whatever you want out of social life/student activities. You get what you put into it. If you want to get involved there are so many opportunities. Im involved in a sorority on campus and I LOVE it. While the greek life is not as big as other schools. (only 3 Social sororities and 3 Social fraternities) it is still very strong. However, if you are not looking to join greek life there are many philanthropic groups to also get involved in. Such as Alternative Breaks. One tradition that is VERY big on campus is Battle of the Valleys. Where Saginaw Valley takes on Grand Valley. Not only is the football game a big deal the entire week is dedicated to fundraising for whatever philanthropy is decided. Things go on every night that week and its a fun and easy time to get involved. In addition, Homecoming is very big on campus. The entire week there are things happening on campus and its a fun time. As far as parties on campus, you can be as involved in them as you want to be. It all depends on the friends you choose to hang out with. If you want to party I'm sure you'll find a way. However, they usually take place off campus.