Saint Anselm College Top Questions

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Saint Anselm College is unique in many ways. One way that stands out from other schools I applied to is that there is a monastary on campus. When I saw this I thought that this tied the community and values of the school together. As a non-catholic it was a bit of a culture shock but the monks were all friendly and welcoming from the moment I walked on to campus.


Saint Anselm is unique in the sense that it plays an important role in shaping who the students are not only as future job holders of America, but it also shapes the students into becoming active members of society. Many colleges merely focus on getting young people equipped and ready to work just to boost up the financial success in this country but Saint A's in unique in that they actually care about you as an individual here. You are not just a number, you are a person.


The environment of my school is vey small and personable, making it easier to learn. There are great internnship opportunities offered and there is a great carreer advisement center.


I liked the small enclosed campus and I can meet and get to know more people in a smaller setting. I enjoy hanging out in the different dorm settings. We also have a coffee shop on campus where my friends and I hang out.


It may sound silly, but it is important to remember that this is a RELIGIOUS school. Have been in public school my whole life, this kind of caught me off guard. The campus is definitely in its own little bubble, which some people may find comforting but others find stifling. The campus is extremely safe. You can leave your clothes in the dryer and no one will take them. People will leave their bags unattended in public areas, and no one touches them. Walking around campus at night is not a dangerous activity, unless you slip and fall on the big hill.


The sense of community is evident when one simply walks onto the campus. The professors know their students by name and are sincerely interested in their students' growth as individuals beyond just the classroom.




Many alumni help students


the catholic values of the school give it a different type of learning experience that you will most likely not get anywhere else


It was close to home for me in Boston, plus it is a beautiful campus. The school seemed like a small community.


its small, there are monks on campus, the classes are small, and you pretty much know everyone