Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the food and the weekend social life the most. I also like to brag about the monks that live on campus, as well as those who teach at and run our school.


When I tell my friends about Saint Anselm I brag about the campus. Its gorgeous especially in the fall with all the foliage and the ivy on Alumni Hall. The quad is my favorite place during nice weather. My friends at other schools don't really have a place like that to hang out with your friends on a beautiful day. The food is also delicious in the cafeteria compared to most other schools. The lunch ladies are my favorite people in the world.


In general, if I have something positive to say about Saint Anselm College, I am discussing the marvelous English department. The experience I have had with them is unrivalled, and I would not give up my excellent professors for the world; in fact, the English department is the only reason I have remained at this school at all.


What I brag about most is our cafeteria food because unlike most schools, it is homemade food. The food is amazing and the staff are incredibly friendly.


The classes are very small so professors are very helpful for individuals.


it has a beautiful campus that is small enough to get around on foot. the people are very nice and accepting. for such a small school they give you a wide aray of classes that you are able to take. they have a lot of activities for students to take part in and lots of chances to help out the community.


The community atmophere, the amount of friends I've made, and the food.




Academics are very challenging


usually the social and party life and the amount of extra curricular activities i take part in. there is a lot of partying here and a lot of sports to play after my classes are done. also some of the sports teams are very good to go and watch


When I talk about my school, I tell people it is a challenging school but I am enjoying every minute of it. The people at Saint Anselm are great. I have made friends that I will have forever .