Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the people. They drink too much and do not take their schoolwork seriously. Many of the kids do not like me and want to hurt me because I have expressed to them that they should stop getting drunk all the time. Also, many of the people at my school are judgemental and will not hangout with me because I study too much. I would rather have good grades than fake friends though.


There really isn't anything that I would consider "bad" at Saint Anselm College even thoguh Saint Anselm uses a different grading policy than any other colleges which is grade iflamation. Eeven grade iflamation has a positive view to see it as because it does not urden us but rather helps us get the A only if the students deserve it. So, it makes us hard workers. I respect everyones opinions and I believe there are many students who would dissagree with me, neverthless I enjoy going to this college and nothing would make me change my opinions.


The worst thing about my school is their grading method; they practice grade deflation and it ends up hurting your GPA. But with hard work, achieving a good GPA is possible.


I would have to say the two most frustrating things about attending Saint Anselm College would be the cold winter weather and the non-buffet style of eating. The reason cold weather is one of the worst things about this school is not only does the winter bring excruciatingly cold weather it also brings masses of snow which almost puts you in hibernation, making you not want to step foot outside. The reason non-buffet style of eating is frustrating is because as an athlete you need to consume enough carbs to replenish your body but this obstructs those needs.


I consider my school to have unwritten rules that everyone must follow that create an uneasiness on campus.


The worst thing about Saint Anselm is probably parietals. Intervisitation hours are 5pm-11pm on weekdays and 5pm-2am/12pm-2am on weekends. To me they're way too brief. I know the school wants us to be moral and all, but sometimes its really feels like they're forcing it on us. Like during finals week, obviously a time to be studying your life away, but taking away all intervisitation kind of sucks.


Besides the fact that Saint Anselm College is built on a hill and can be hazardous in the winter, one thing that can be a bit overwhelming is the size of the school. Though a smaller school means smaller classes and more professor/student interaction, it also means more drama on campus. As if college wasn?t hard enough, you have to deal with high school drama. The drama produces extra stress that is not needed when you have five courses a semester, two three hour labs, and recitation.


The grading curve. My school is very academically challenging and with the grading curve, working really hard may only get you a C, which turns out to be a 2.0. It seems unfair when my friends bring home higher GPAs, when I am working harder than them in my classes.


The worst thing for me has been that I was unsure of what I wanted to major in and decided later that I wanted to study something the school does not offer. I whish that Saint A's offered a political communications major or at least a communications one. I have heard talks that they may develop one in the future, but I think that at a liberal arts college they need to work on having more majors.


My school is a very good size if someone is looking for a small community type school BUT since it is not surrounded by an exciting city, it can tend to become very monotonous and gossipy.


It is very hard to get good grades. They do not give out many awards or minors for graduates.


The humanities program because it is time consuming and people dont really enjoy it. It tends to be boring and uninteresting to most of the students and is a waste of time.


financial aid. Not enough available. NOt enough scholarships given to athletes


how in the winter time the hills get very slippery.


My school is not diverse enough. The real world is diverse and my school is too sheltered which makes it hard to understand what the real world will be like when I actually enter the workplace.


I guess the worst thing is all the work you get. I know it is probably the same in all colleges, but there is alot of homework, etc. that needs to get done. I usually go to the library to do my work because sometimes the dorms are too noisy.


There is only ONE cafeteria...


It tends to be very homogenous.


There is little ethnic or cultural diversity


Religion is over-emphasized.