Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Find out as much as you can about the colleges you are interested in. Know about all the details!


I would tell the parents to relax and let their kids find the right school for them. It will be hard to adjust but remember they gave their kids the tools they need to get by in life now its their child's turn to implement those tools. I would tell the students that finding the right college may be difficult but it's not impossible. Make a choice based on your gut feeling and then go into it with an open mind. Be willing to meet new people and try new things. The most random experiences tend to be the ones they'll always remember. I would also tell the kids to not forget about their parents and remember where they came from. Campus life can be hard at times and staying connected to home will definately help keep them grounded. Another thing I would impress upon is the fact that there are so many things to do on campus and people to meet so don't get stuck in the same humdrum pattern for all four years. Be spontaneous and always smile, it'll attract people to you. Finally, enjoy every minute of it, it goes by fast!


Lokk for a college were you will be most comfortable.


Students need to think of what they truly need in a college. For me I knew that I wanted a small college that wasn't in the city so that is what I looked for. If you don't pick a college setting that you truly eant to be a part of then the college experience will not be as good for you. Also don't waste your time applying to tons of schools narrow it down to five that you want to go to and make sure that you include at least one safety school just incase. For me the school I am at now was my safety school and it turns ou that it was a great choice for me. Finally you should try to base the school not only on academics but on extracurricular activities that you like to do. School isn't everything, there needs to be stuff on campus that you like to do otherwise you will be miserable. College is about your future, meeting friends that you will have for life, and shaping the person that you will become. Have fun, do well in school, thats about all I can say.


I think one of the most important parts about finding the right college is choosing a major your interested in before you start the search for schools. It was so much easier for me to decide on a college because i knew ahead of time i wanted to study criminal justice. My school search was only a few schools compared to some of my friends who had close to 20 or 30. Finding a school with a positive social atmosphere is very important, if you can visit a school or stay over night before you apply it will defenitly help and decide if this school is right for you. Making the most out of college is important especially as a freshmen or sophomore. If you can get involved right away with things like intramural sports or other activities you'll make friends a lot quicker than normal. All of these factors helped me to obtain the perfect college experience thus far. Good Luck


Really talk with other students around campus. They will give u an honest assesment of how the college truly is like.. After choosing a college, try everything!


Finding the right college has everything to do with what you're comfortable with. I knew when choosing a college, I did not want a big school because I wanted to be able to find a tight group of friends to hang out with over the four years. At a big school, you go to social events and do not know half of the people who are there, while at a small school, you know almost everyone. Also you need to think about your major and what the school has to offer in terms of classes. To make the most out of your college experience, you need to make sure you find a great group of friends and engage in as many activites as possible so that you can meet new people and experience different exciting events.


Selecting a college is an extremely difficult process because you never know who you will be in four years. It is hard to find the school that will fit you as a high school senior and a college senior, as the most dramatic change in your character will most likely be during college. Therefore, it is important to consider who you do want to be in four years, and who each college will aid you in becoming. Once there, accept that your opinions will, and should, change over time. Don't be afraid when your goals for the future change, too. Appreciate the education you are getting and the different people you meet who will influence you.


look at every kind of shcool


The best advice I could give to any student who is trying to find the perfect fit for their college experience is to find a place that reminds you the most of home and that makes you the most comfortable at first sight. I knew just by sight that my college that I attend now was going to be the one that I would fall in love with the second I became a student here. Find out what kinds of activities are available for your free time and make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people by getting actively involved in the college campus and community aspects of the college. Those have been the most rewarding experiences for me--not necessarily the hours spent in the classroom, the library, or in my dorm room. Pick a place where you can get involved and meet people you would never have met before. The most crucial part to picking a place you love is feeling comfortable and at home.


College is different for everyone. My biggest advice is to get involved and stay busy. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is what college is all about. Take advantage of trips, events, art shows, etc. All of these opportunities are great experiences. Get to know your professors beyond the classroom, they are actually interesting if you get to know them! The four years in college goes by quicker than you think, you'll be graduating sooner than you know it. Take advantage of every moment and enjoy it!


Visit the schools you apply to and make a checklist of positives and negatives. Get your applications done early and don't worry too much!


The advice I would give is that if you are undecided, like most students are, then I would research all of the liberat arts college that are around. Also, you need to know if you want to go to a large, small or middle-sized school. The large schools have many students in their classes and that could be overwhelming. I wanted to go to a school where the professors knew my name, so I looked for schools that were average-sized. Also, to make the most out of your college experience, I would get involved in clubs and groups that interest you. You should go to all of the orientations that your school offers so that you can meet other people that may be going there. You should keep in mind that if you are not happy with your college the first semester or year, you can always transfer somewhere that might fit you better. You should keep an open mind and get involved.


I would recommend that the student takes over night visits to certain colleges that they are interested in. Overnight visits inform the student about that particular college and he or she will get a better grasp of what the college is like. I would also recommend that the parents bring their child to all different types of school: big, small, medium, city, rural, far from home, or close to home. Campus tours are the best way to become familiar with a college and it helps the student learn about the atmosphere and teaching environment. From various tours the student will be able to determine what they want in a collge. The student must also distinguish what they want from their college experience. Do they want to party, get involved, be prepared for their future etc.? After determining what the student is looking for in a collge, then the student needs to look at the colleges they have visited and find out if that collge offers what the student wants. To conclude, there is always going to be a college that is fit for every individual student. The parent and student just needs to find that perfect fit!


Look around. Find a school that you feel comfortable at. It might take a lot of looking but it is definitely worth it. Most schools offer prospective students an opportuninty to spend the night with a current student. Take advantage of those opportunities to see what the school is like. The school you chose is going to be your home for the next few years, do not go anywhere to please anyone but yourself.


Visit schools and stay over night, not just take a tour of the usual campus things they want to show you. Talk to people who both like and dislike the school. Don't settle, the school should really meet your needs or you won't be happy.


When it comes to making a college decision, parents and students must think of a few things. First off all, they must understand that the student is the only one that will know which school is right for him. The second piece of advice I would give is not to put a price on your education. I have learned this the hard way, I transfered for financial reasons, and while at a more affordable school I realized that Saint Anselm College was the place for me. I am transfering back there and am taking out the loans. While it might be overwhelming, do not let the money make the decision for you. The final piece of advice is for the student, while you are at school make the most of it but more importantly be happy. Do not let the four years go by and realize you did not make the most of it. You should make friends, memories, and opportunities for the future. Get a good education and never sell yourself short of making your dreams come true.


Don't pick someplace because it is cheap or convenient. The most important thing is feeling like you could see yourself being happy somewhere.


To paraphrase the old real estate axiom, visit, visit, visit! Start EARLY and research colleges that seem to have what you want physically, area-wise, size-wise, academically, socially - everything! Then narrow it down and make SEVERAL visits to those ones that fall into the right category. After you find your new "home" - get out there! Make new friends, find new interests, take risks - THIS is the time and the place to do it! Parents - this is the time to let the student make some of the decisoins... Be there to support, but encourage new independence and decision-making. College is a GREAT 'bridge" from high school into full-fledged adulthood, so take the time to savor ALL of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just dive in.


Be sure to visit the campus more than once and spend time talking with students and faculty, not just admissions counselors. Eat in the dining hall and sit in on a class or two to become familiar with the daily routine. Mostly know yourself. Take a personal inventory and be honest about your educational needs, political /cultural values, religion, and social responsibility. Understand your finances and be pepared to have loans and debt after graduation.


Stick with the school that you feel most comfortable at- it might not be the prettiest campus and they may not have the best dorm rooms, but the school where you feel comfortable is the school you will be able to stick with.