Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Truly a good school and helpful, always willing to work with you and your needs.


When i brag to my friends about my school i tell them that the class sizes are really small and it is easy to learn. My school is small for college so easy to get back and forth to all of my classes on time. The teachers at my school seem to care about the students and displine us enough so that we will learn and stay foucused.


When i tell my friends about my school I normally bring up our sports teams! We have one of the best mens basketball teams in North Carolina. This school year we won the CIAA Championship. That made me proud!


I ussally brag about my grades and how well im doing in school.


When i tell my friends about my school, I often speak about how much I've matured and how the school's overall campus enviornment is different that what I'm norammly accustumed to and its enjoyable. I talk about how we are close nit and being on a smaller campus that alllows for tremendous social networking and it is refreshing, because it feels like one big happy family. Compared to larger instituitions. I often speak about Homecoming and just how supportive the community is to my school.