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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Finding the right college is very difficult, there are many different aspects to finding the perfect fit for you. I would tell parents and their children to make sure to give themselves lots of time in exploring many different college options. Also, I would tell people to make sure to do the research on the specific colleges of interest. It is important to know about the student life on and off campus of a university. Lastly, I would suggest all parents and their children to be aware of the changes that will occur once the child goes off to school, it is hard at first to be away from your child, and as a child away from your family, so realizing that their will be a difficult change early on may help the family cope with these hard feelings later on.


Don't make a judgement on your new school until after the first year. If you give up an it before then you are not giving yourself time to enjoy college. You won't get used to it over night.


Research. That is the most important part of discovering if a college is right for you. Look at the size of the school, the location, the mission statement and values, as well as the rating of education. Also research the city or town the college is is for the following: size, distance from home, lifestyle, crime rate, and transportation. Apply for all colleges you feel are right for your education. Do not rule one out because of costs (financial aid can help!) or because you think you won't be able to make it due to your academic past. Chose those that are practical, and those that you really want but might be difficult to obtain or afford. Another important thing is to visit the campuses! Ask questions and learn more about the college and community! Also, it is extrememly helpful if the parents and students work together!


I would advise parents and students to take their time when picking a college. Write down all the things that are important to them that would best aid their learning experience. This might be teacher student ratio, or how large the campus is, or whether or not it is a private school. This helped me. Also, pick a school that you are financially prepared for, or a school that offers a lot of financial aid. To make the best of college, I recommend getting involved! Start up your own student organization (like me!) - It's such a wonderful way to meet new people! Or just get involved with one. Try to live on campus your freshman year too, this helps with meeting new people. But MOST importantly stay focused. It is so easy to slip away from the true reason why you are at school... to better yourself and your knowledge. College will truly shape you and change you into a well rounded individual. You will walk away a new and better person then before with a bright future. Good Luck!


Visit the schools. Don't base a college choice on a legacy or the social atmosphere. The first priority is school and academics. By visiting the schools, observing the student-teacher dymanic, and being part of the campus atmosphere, a student can make the best informed decision. Once a student has found the right school for them, I believe the rest comes naturally. Financial Aid, course selections, campus housing, were all easily taken care of once my decision was made. The most important part of deciding to attend college is finding the right one. The absolute best way to do that, is to actually go and be apart of the college, even if it's for a brief moment.


Let the children decide where they fit-in best; it's better to be in the right environment than in a well-known school in solitary and cold boston (for example)


Selecting a college is like falling in love at first sight. Upon visiting a college, one should feel an immediate sense of belonging and comfort. When that feeling is present, that is the school at which one belongs.


Visit the campus and talk to the students there. Ask how they feel about the school and their personal experiences there. Also, ask questions which are of personal interest to you.


Remember that leaving home to go to college can be scary even for the bravest person. Dont doubt yourself and if you do, know that if you ever feel lost remember that other people are feeling the exact same way and therefore you are not alone! Don't NOT try new things because you're worrying about whether people will like you; the others are wondering the same thing! Manage both your money and your time WISELY!!! If you dont know who you are when you leave to college, dont worry! Finding out is half the fun! Remember, it's not where you end up that matters, it's HOW you got there, whether the ride there was fun, and most importantly, remember, it matters just that you GOT THERE!!! So, do your best , make mistakes, make friends! You will be a better person for going through this experience! If you do your best, then no one can ask for anymore of you than that!


Make sure to go look at the college in person before you pick the one you want to go to.


I would tell parents and/or students to make sure that they visit the campus before making a final decision. It is important that you feel comfortable with the school you're choosing and to consider things like the availability of financial help, the size of the school (student to teacher ratios), what majors are provided, and how well respected the college is in the academic world. If you're going to be spending the time and money on a school, you need to make sure it's going to be a place you're proud of and that it will give you the best education for your money. Most importantly, just choose a place where you'll be happy because if you're happy, you'll be successful.


Make a choice that is a good fit for you.


Follow your gut. If you take a step onto the right campus and just KNOW that it is the right place for you; then go there. Don't let money (or lack thereof) prevent you from going where you feel the best. An education is worth more than a pot of gold; and besides with a degree, you can pay it back!!


Apply to as many colleges as you want. Look with your parents, and take their advice. Pick a school with a variety of majors because you probably will change your mind at some point. Visit the campus and talk with students as well as faculty and staff. Choose a school with a variety of extra-currcicular activities so that you can get involved with your peers. Check every aspect of the school before you make any final decisions.


Don't let cost get in the way of where you apply


Make sure the interest of the student is at heart no matter what. The student is the one who will ultimately end up at the school and picking a place that is not right for them might simply lead to failure. Always consider size , majors that are available, and the area in which the school lies. The last thing you should think about is the money. If you need the money, financial adviors are ALWAYS there to help.


Looking for a college is like shopping for a car or shoes. You have to find a place that is a good fit for you. If you don't feel that it is right - then you are going to outgrow the shoes or get tired of driving the car. Not everyone wears the sames shoes or drives the same type of car. Even if you find a group of friends you enjoy being around who all drive the same car or wear the same shoe, your happiness will not last as long, as it will if you find a place that fits you best. College is all about learning and growing. Parents need to realize that the best students are the ones who learn from their mistakes, not those who make no mistakes at all. A student willing to put themselves out there with the knowledge they may or may not mess up is much better off than a student willing to play it safe. Through the adventures a student embarks on during their short time in college helps guide a them into discovering who they were meant to be and what they want to do with their lives.


Don't be lazy.


When searching for a college it is always important to consider the student body. A college can be the most beautiful flower in the garden, and yet attract all the bees. One should consult reviews by alumni of the university, and gauge if the social life of a university is to the student's liking. After getting in and joining the campus, if you want to get in touch with the student body, it is important to join clubs. This will get you in a group and you'll be welcomed (hopefully).