Saint Francis University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Saint Francis University is a close-knit, family oriented, private university.


Saint Francis University is my second home, where my future starts, where life-long friends are made, where support is given when needed, where fun and learning can be used in the same sentence, where my voice is heard, where I can take the lead but also follow, where I can grow, where many memories are made, where many life lessons are learned, and most of all, Saint Francis University is where I am discovering who I am and who I want to be.


My school is very small but the people are extremely friendly. The professors want the best for their students and expect a lot such as good grades, hard work and attend all classes. They will provide any help needed in allowing you to succeed. Overall, this school offers you a great future to success.


A frozen place on top of a mountain.


The school at which i attend is small yet big enough to be considered a university. It is close enough to home but yet far enough away for me to focus on my life and my career ahead, is very much loacted in a snow globe on top of a mountain, winter here can be unbareable yet extremely beautiful, like our quote..."its just different up here."


Saint Francis is a small, hands-on learning envioronment that is concerned with the student needs and wants; it's a great place to be.


small, but rewarding


SFU is a small tight knit community where everyone knows most of the people on campus, or has at least heard of them.


Academically challengeing


Saint Francis is a small, quiet campus where some people are helpful and others are more stuck-up.


An awesome Franciscan based college that encourages it's students to strive for the best they can be in all aspects of life. It is probably under rated academically because everyone here that works for the college really helps prepare you to the best of their ability to do well academically and provide the tools needed for the next phase in life. Saint Francis's just different up here!


SFU does not have its priotities straight, they need to start worrying more about quality of student housing instead of what they can and cannot do on weekends.


like a high school but you sleep there


It's in the middle of nowhere, but student's education is valued. We have small class sizes which helps us have a good relationship with our professors and advisors. It gets really cold in the winter time. Overall, great it's a great campus that gives each student the chance for success.


A faith based community pearched in the beautiful western Pennsylvania montains.