Saint Francis University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I played division I basketball and won the NEC conference and played in the 2010 NCAA tournament.


I say that my school has one of the nations top Physical Therapy program which is very competitive. I also mention the small class sizes and free academic tutoring.


Despite being in the “middle of nowhere” Pennsylvania, Saint Francis University is home to a fairly eclectic mix of people. The students, staff, and faculty all share a commitment to connecting as a university family; along with an attitude of acceptance, which is prevalent across the campus. The cozy size of the university encourages one-on-one connections with your fellow classmates, professors, and employees of the campus. The feeling of being known is a guarantee. Also, the summers are warm and enjoyable on this beautiful campus and the winters are snowy and magical!


The heath sciences are huge on campus. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant as well as the sciences are all fantastic programs. I am currently enrolled in a 6-year doctorate program for Physical Therapy. It is a freshman admittence program which means that once you're in, all you have to do is keep up your grades and you keep your seat. It is all I could ask for in a major. Not to mention the administration is so completely on your side. Everyone is so helpful and accomidating. I felt at home the minute I stepped on Campus.


How surprised I really am by the campus. I had heard for years about SFU but never truly understood how great it was until I got there. They do study abroad programs every semester in so many different countries at no extra cost than regular tuition, room and board. Also, they have some great programs that people come from all over the world to be apart of. If I would have never decided to attend school at SFU I would have never learned of how special this school is in rural Pennsylvania.


I brag about how much the faculty and staff care about the students as people; they care about our academic life as well as our personal life. They take time to let us know they are there for us, and give us that time when we need them.


We have a great Physician Assistant program.


I dont brag about it i just say its a good school.


When talking to my friends back home about Saint Francis, I brag about the beautiful campus, the amazing teachers, and just how flexible the college is with my career plans. I also tell them about how friendly the people are and how we are not surrounded by a city atmosphere.


The thing I brag about most would have to be how good the food is here. The second thing would have to be that every student gets a laptop and the campus is completely wireless


The amount of days we have off.