Saint Francis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One major attribute of one who should attend this school is dedication. This school is a private school, and there are about 30 students maximum in each class. The professors expect students to be on time for class, and to make proper use of class time. A truly dedicated person who is committed to her studies will do well at St. Francis University. There are a lot of social and leadership opportunities on campus, so one should be open and willing to get involved and make college a true life experience. A person who can manage time would do well.


Anyone can. We have a lot of options here so the majority of college searchers will be able to find their place here.


People that are lay back and loves the simple life would should attend SFU


You should be open minded, prepared, organized, and willing to work. There is pleanty of opportunity to be social and active, but you have to realize the proper time. The professors will work you, and you are expected to preform. You have to know when to say no and stay in to study.


Someone who is dedicated their studies and who is not looking for a life in the big city (Loretto doesn't even have a stop light!) Students who want to be involved in a close knit community while being educated by some of the best professionals in their field would make great students here. Also, SFU is a D1 school, so athletes who want to go for the big time yet not go somewhere they become just a number will fit in nicely at Saint Francis University.


Someone who wants to learn and has a passion for their field of study. Someone who wants to question their limits and get a little uncomfortable to learn so much more about themselves and the world around them. Someone who wants to succeed.




Anyone can attend this school, but one needs to be devoted to learning. There is a good bit of work, and not too much of a night life, so I guess you'd have to be driven to succeed a little more than other schools.


A independent person that likes to explore and become closer with others and themselves.


a smart person that does not party alot or a good athlete that wants lower competition and wants to shine in a smaller d1 school


Some who likes small classes.


Saint Francis University is not for everyone; in fact many people find that "you either love it or you hate it," with just a handful of students falling in the middle. The kind of people who love it are those who want the atomosphere of a small school but the benefits of a large school; for instance, Division I athletics and competitive academic programs recognized by many employers. ALso, the campus is tucked away in the mountains, so it is definitely more for people who enjoy wide open spaces and the beauty of nature versus those who love city life.