Saint Francis University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you cannot accept that there are Franciscan monks walking around and teaching half of the classes, as well as the Catholic religion is integrated appropriately into each course, you should not attend this school.


Someone who is not motivated. A person who is not willing to study and be involved with the school.


People who are not really serious about school should not attend SFU. There is alot of fun and interesting things going on on campus and makes it really great but academics are first. The school and faculty, in my opinion, go above and beyond to help you get the most out of your education and tuition. Each class takes attendance to ensure you are going to class and getting an education, also that you aren't laying dead in your room and nobody knows. They attempt to contact you and then other people if they are unable to find you.


Any type of person can attend this school. Saint Francis has a very diverse community and has various groups for people from all ethnic backgrounds. Students are encouraged to have different viewpoints and are not forced to change these views in any way. Saint Francis offers something for every type of individual and does not discriminate in any way.


The type of person that enjoys a big city setting or does not enjoy the snow and cold for over 6 months a year.


I would not be happy here if I was not a member of the soccer team simply because there isn't very much to do and that keeps me busy. I would not recommend coming to Saint Francis University if you are a "city" person because it is in the middle of nowhere and you are partially responsible to create your own fun.


If you like big cities and having a lot to do off campus, it probably wouldnt be the best place to go. Also if you don't like the cold and snow in the winter you definitely don't want to come here.


Students who are looking for a scenic campus would enjoy life here. Winters is the most prevalent season so student who enjoy winter would love campus. Those who enjoy doing service and giving back to the community would have plenty of opportunity through our various organizations and our Dorothy Day Center. The campus is somewhat removed from any cities or towns so the seclusion is good for students focused on doing their school work. There are various activities provided by the university so activities are not too hard to find.


Anyone who wants to reach higher, and is willing to devote there college career to exploring there major.


Someone who like to stay to themselves and likes rural environments. I would not recommend going to this school if you don't have a car. It's isolated from everything.