Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I have already bragged that St. John Fisher has the perfect combination of academics and social activities.


The Buffalo Bills training came is at this school!


It is cheaper, personally, for me to attend this out of state college than it would be for me to attend a state school in my own state. Financial aid is pretty decent here.


I say that it's a small school, which means you know just about everyone in your graduating class and most of the others as well. Also, with the Buffalo Bills holding training camp at my school, we get top of the line training equipment and meals from the dining halls. All in all, my school is a great atmosphere that many can adapt to with many fun activities constantly going on to catch your interest.


What i brag about most when i am describing my school to others is my campus. It is very well kept, and the buildings are always clean and renovated. The campus is small, and every building is easily accessible. The campus is very safe, and it is very easy to get anywhere on campus without getting lost.


The education program is amazing.


The staff. (educational department)


How small it is