Saint Johns River State College Top Questions

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The beauty of this campus is unbelieveable. The staff I have interacted with are very knowledgable and pleasant to work with. The school is only 30 miles from my home.


My school offers benefits for living in the Clay County Area. They really care about each student by always making time for them whether is be about classes or financial information needed to make good decisions. I love that it's close to home too.


My school has some amazing professors, their teaching is astounding and it works. Every professor has a different teaching approach, but they all seem to work fairly well, especially for being a fulltime online student. Somehow I have retained quite a bit of information from all of my classes this semester and I am a bit flustered as to how. I have heard that at universities often hundreds of people are in a room, it would be hard to learn if I was in the back; that is why I decided to go to SJRCC.


My school is unique because of the closeness in the student body. Because it's a community college in a smaller town, most of the students have known each other for years. Everyone gets along, study groups and group projects are common. The atmosphere on campus is very friendly and positive.


I'm not sure.


My school is a very intimate and close environment. Because it is smaller than other colleges I have considered, it is much more easier to socialize and communicate. The tight community between students, teachers, and counselors is stronger because of the school's size and this helps with me personally because of the great support I receive in the classroom and in my decision making.