Saint Johns University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at St. Johns are really great. some professors really do their job and challenge you.


The academics at my school are simply stated as some of the best in the state. The classes offered and the curriculum is challenging but yet very interesting. The university is a liberal arts university and it allows us to follow the path we want, especially for academics. The requirements set for the core curriculum are beneficial and helpful with any and every class you take. The professors at the university are helpful, kind, respectful, and flexible. These are some of the more important things to look for in a professor and almost all of them here at SJU are described as that.


The classes are of the 70 minuet variety and if you can stay focused for that long, you are doing great. Classes are very give and take from the professors. They expect you to work hard and focus on the assignment and participate in class, and in turn you expect them to teach you, or at least walk you through the material. I am a Chemistry major and it is a hard (but do-able) major. If you dont get something, you can always go to the professor if need be. CSB/SJU has a very rigourous curriculum but if you work hard and focus on classes, you will do fine and come out stronger in the end.


The academics are good. I love the professors. You can tell that they know quite a bit about the things they teach and like to teach it. They prefer students to call them by their first names, and they invite their classes to their homes for barbecues and other fun events. Classes can get a bit tough when there is mainly a lecture every day, but I would imagine that there are classes like that at every school. I am a music major, and I love the music department. Any one of the music faculty could play professionally, and they all love teaching and making music. I am in six or so ensembles, and though they take up an extraordinarily large amount of time, I wouldn't give up any of them. The school is definitely geared toward the intrinsic value of learning, but it also does a great job of getting people a job upon graduating. The networking at this school is unrivaled. If a Johnnie or Bennie applies for a job at which the employer is an alum, the applier almost assuredly has an instant job there.


They are more that you expected. There are no big lecture hall classes with hundreds of students. The maximum number of students in a class will usually be around 35, and that's mostly the introductory courses and most general education classes at CSB/SJU. You get a lot of 1-on-1 attention, so in a couple of weeks the professors will get to know you: not just by your name but also how you are doing in the course. The professors really care about you and they encourage us to ask questions or stop by their office or send them an e-mail if we need help with something. Everytime when you register for classes for next semester, there's always one class that will be offered in which you really want to take because it's so interesting or it goes with your major/minor or both.


The professors here are great, they recognize me around campus and have no problem saying "hi" or having a quick conversation. They are very flexible and understanding of the stress that college students endure and are willing to work with students to make things easier. The professors are very passionate and this is reflected in the quality of students' work and students constantly striving to do better. This school is focused on giving us the skills we need to succeed, helping us network with those in our field of interest, and giving us a broad education in general.

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