Saint Johns University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't think there is an actual stereotype to my school. St. Johns is known for its diversity.


The stereotype for any private, parochial school is that all of the students follow the religious denomination of the school, but that is false at my school. We are a Vincentian, Catholic institute and while we are given many opportunities to pursue both of those ways of life, there is never the pressure of being forced into a religion on campus. While it is mandatory students take 3 semesters of Theology, only the first one, 1000c, is Perspectives on Christianity, while the other two are of the student's choice.


The stereotype at my school, St. Johns University is basically stated as being a "cookie cutter" or a "goodie good". They say these things because of the environment in which we study as well as the cost for our education. They are also referring to the amount of students that are very wealthy and have a tendency to flaunt it. I believe this stereotype is somewhat accurate, the students at St. John's University do have a tendency to be my much wealthier than most college students. Some students also do flaunt what they have to other students.


Coming into CSB/SJU, I was under the impression that everyone was smart and from Minnesota. I am out of state and fairly intelligent, and I though I would be all alone in terms of intelligence and I would have no one that I would know because I was going to a school outside my home state. While it is true that Minnesotans are ~75% of the school, I meet and became friends with not only Minnesotans, but also friends from other states, including my home state (we car-pool together a lot for breaks). Also, in regards to the "nerds". Almost everyone is very smart at CSB/SJU, its where they put thier intelligence to work. For example, some of my friends love music and they can hear a song and tell if its out of tune or if someone hit a wrong key or note. I cannot do this and I appreciate thier knowledge in this aspect. I also have friends who love politics, and they share thier insight into political races and the like. I pull that information in and use it to my advantage. I am versed in sports and athletics, so if I have a friend that needs answers to who might be the next coach somewhere or who is expected to win the Super Bowl, Im thier man. So while it might seem that CSB/SJU students are all nerds and are all Minnesotans, there is a lot of variety of knowledge of the students and variety of where some are from.


I love the concept of the titles "Johnnies" and "Bennies" at the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University. The name "Johnnie" symbolizes a certain strength and seems to accurately represent what it means to be a man. The same goes for "Bennie," except with a womanly twist. When I say to people, "I'm a Johnnie," I can't help but feel proud to be associated with the high caliber of human that comes with the title, even if some others don't think I fit the description. That's the only stereotype that I can think of at our school, and I have no worries about meeting new people on campus, because just knowing that they are Johnnies and Bennies puts me at ease.


While there are a growing number of different ethnicites attending, there still seems to be quite a large number of Caucasian students. Usually, people of their own ethnicity will eat and sit together. There is little to no presence of a mix of students hanging out together.


In my opinion, there are no real stereotypes at Saint John's. With the liberal arts education, everybody has their experiences in everything and so they aren't labeled into certain categories. Because we are Div III school for sports our athletes aren't considered "jocks" because they are truly STUDENT-athletes, focusing on school far before sports.

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