Saint Johns University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My school has an immense amount of opportunities as it is less than an hour away by public transportation to one of the greatest cities in the United States; New York City. While there are great opportunities, the costs of this school seem too high for the lack of decent stuff and poor quality of student amenities. If you are not given many scholarships or financial aid I do not recommend coming here.


My opinion of St. John's University is very positive. I believe the education we receive at SJU is the finest there is. We are provided a great amount of resources to help us succeed in college. I love the environment of the campus and the location of the school. The size of St. John's is a perfect size university, with about 3,000 students the attention given to you by professors is amazing. The welcoming atmosphere of SJU as well as the College of St. Benedict's is amazingly worth paying for.


The best thing about the school is the community. No matter where you go, there is always a friendly face that you will know. This might be looked at as a negative for someone wanting a larger school. However, there is plenty of new faces you will meet throughout your four years here. The different campuses are great. Its one school, two campuses. If you get bored of one, you can always go to the other to hang out. However, this distance is not always good. If I could change one thing, it would be to move the campuses closer together. It a pain in the neck when you have to wake up 15 minuets earlier to take a 15 minuet bus ride to your 8 AM class. Also, if you miss a bus (which I always do because Im never on time), you will have to wait 30 minuets for the next one.


I love my school. It's just the right size. I come from a town of 3,000, and, going to a college with 4,000 students between the two campuses, I feel right at home. I love the fact that we have two campuses, as we get twice the facilities for the same amount of people, among other reasons. I don't mind riding the Link between campuses when moving from class to class. It's a great way to meet people. People react positively when they learn that I go to St. John's, and I meet alums absolutely everywhere, and when I do, it's easy to carry a conversation as if we'd been friends all our lives. The administration and faculty are superb. The admissions staff is the greatest group of people I know, and they really know how to recruit. Almost the entire faculty prefers students to call them by their first names. They are easy to get to know, extremely knowledgeable, and very relatable. I honestly can't think of anything I would change about the school (within feasibility, of course).


I love going to CSB/SJU. When people ask me where I go to college, I tell them it's a small liberal arts college in Minnesota. Most of the time people will give me a surprised reaction and they ask why would I study in a place far from home and where the weather is always unexpected. The response I love to give is that CSB/SJU gives you the best educational environment in 2 campuses, the people here are friendly and want to know more about you, especially when you're from out of state, and all the fun stays on these 2 campuses.


I feel that Saint John's is a perfect fit for me. Its size is just right at 2000 Johnnies which creates a very strong bond and brotherhood between the guys. When this is coupled with the College of St. Ben's, it feels like a slightly larger school, a very nice plus. The biggest confusion is that people believe it is truly an all male campus, but all classes and experiences are co-ed with St. Ben's, just separate living spaces. St. Josesph is a quaint little college town which helps build those bonds between students, however, it can feel like a little bubble at times.

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