Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


SJU is best known for its Food Marketing Degree. Cooperative internships and close ties with companies in the industry.


Since I'm a freshman, I have never been to Hawkapalooza (it is at the end of the year), but I heard it is amazing. They have a huge concert at the end of the year for the students.


Chanting "THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!" at all basketball games while our mascot, the hawk, never stops flapping his wings throughout all games. Free period every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30-1:00, where no students have class. Many gather at this time to get lunch and hang out.


Our school is best known for our basketball team, The Saint Joseph's Hawks, our rich Jesuit culture, the Haub Business school , and our exstensive volunteer work


Saint Joseph's is known for being a school which prides itself in one-on-one help for all students.


my school is known for basketball. at SJU we life and brethe basketball.


It is a very good school for business majors as well as for food marketing majors. The basketball team is also known as a D1 team and can be known for the Hawk always flapping its wings throughout all games. The school spirit is amazing as well. The school is a Jesuit school, but do not need to be religious in order to attend. Community service is a big thing, but I love that.


basketball team business school


The undeafeated basketball season in 2004-05.


Being a jesuit university