Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, some of the students here are white upper-class Catholics, but not all of them are. Our student body is becoming more diverse each year.


No, some people are of course, but not all.


To some extent these stereotypes are accurate.


I believe theres a little bit of each one all over the school.




They are accurate to a point, but St. Joe's IS changing, and for the better. There are more active democrats on campus now to mix it up with the republicans, and the school's gay-straight alliance, S.T.O.P, is growing.


Somewhat, but there are a whole lot of different crowds, while the majority of students are white and come from rather wealthy backgrounds, alot of people are not stuck up, and there are definately students to match any crowd.


In some cases this stereotype is true, but for many other students, this is not an accurate reflection.


About 35% I'd say. Sure, there are some kids like that around St. Joe's, but not a lot. And as far as working for ourselves is concerned, St. Joe's is one of the best school's in the area for networking and in turn produces more internships and job oppurtunities than other schools in the area.


for a small percentage but not for the majority. most are very down to earth and willing to do anything for others and the school. the students at sju are very involved in school activities and community service.


well the private school and public school ratio is almost half and half. materialistic- yeah a little but there are a lot of kids that come from wealthy familes but its not everyone IT COLLEGE OF COURSE WE"RE GOING TO PARTY, but one thing that is so great about sju is that Service is not madatory but at some point with in your st.joes career you will give back to the community... IT"S GREAT!


Not at all, I personally wanted to go to St. Joe's over Villanova because I liked St. Joe’s better. There are the rich, preppy kids but, most people are middle class kids. As for the good stereotypes, I definitely believe them. St. Joe's kids are extremely courteous and helpful. Just ask any student around campus to give you directions and I bet they'll actually walk you to your destination.


pretty much


for the most part they aren't true..definately some exceptions though


This is not an accurate stereotype, because we have a very culturally diverse student population. The University offers a lot of financial assistance, and many students work very hard to keep their GPA up in order to receive scholarships.