Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the inviting faculty and student body that make me feel at home. There are so many people that are willing to help students who need it. It usually takes me a while to warm up to new people and places but, at Saint Josph's University they welcome you with open arms and I didnt feel that way about any other school I visted. The faculty make it a point for you to feel as if you have just become apart of a family.


Nice size school, in Philadelphia, great school spirit In a good locations with public transportation.


My school has a great community atmosphere and one that is very fun to be a part of. The campus is great and there are a lot of activities to participate in as well.


Good school academically. Good upperclass dorms. Great food choices.


Our school spirit. Saint Joseph's University has an undeniable sense or school pride and it is very apparent at all sports events, open houses, and orientation days.


That it feels like home because it is and everyone there works to be "Men with and for others".


I brag about how I made a lot of good friends at St. Joe's.


The kids are so nice and the atmosphere is great.


How much school spirit we have, my peers, and the parties.


Our school pride at basketball games. Being a smaller based school the students really go all out for our number sport at the school which is men's basketball.


I had an opportunity to study abroad in Ireland. It was absolutely an amazing expereince and I appreciate that SJU was so encouraging of their students' traveling. It was a positive experience and even while I was in school, I encouraged others to do the same. I was in a sorority since my freshmen year and a sorority sister was actually the one who suggested I travel. Her stories were amazing so I felt as though I couldn't pass on this opportunity.


My freshman year was the year that Saint Joseph's Men's Basketball was ranked number one in the nation for the first time in school history.


Our school name and good reputation in academics


I brag a lot about the architecture and the small and student centered classrooms.


the quality of students


I brag about our beautiful campus, our stellar basketball teams, and simply how in 2 very quick years SJU has become my home. I came to SJU from Florida and recieved an immediate culture shock, going from a small, almost tropical town to a school just outside of the city of Philadelphia was quite the change for me. Despite this, I have never felt so at home and happy anywhere else. Adjusting to winter was tough but I have met my friends for life this school and everyone I have encountered has helped me along the way.