Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The price of the school is way too much. The payoff is not seen in the buildings compared to other expensive schools such as Villanova (the technology there is better). Area is a bit unsafe, but could be worse.


In my first year at my university, the only complaint was the street that students need to cross to reach the other side of campus, due to the large amount of traffic that seemed to be at a constant high speed; I felt somewhat unsafe crossing the streets either early in the morning or late at night due to this traffic.


I think Saint Joes could improve the school by having more and better food options. The cafeteria makes it hard for students to eat healthy. As a D1 runner, this is somthing I found to be challenging.


The worst thing about Saint Joseph's University is the campus housing for sophomores. As I am about to enter my sophomore year I have realized how "unideal" the sophomore housing situation at my university actually is. At Saint Joseph's the housing for sophomores is spread out all throughout the territory owned by Saint Joseph's. Some housing is technically "on campus" however it is located quite a distance from the heart of campus. Additionally, because the housing is so spread out it makes safety a serious issue for sophomores who want to interact, especially at night in Philadelphia.




Lack of diversity; minoirities feel out of place.


The worst part about this school is that classes are not engaging. It seems that most professors do not care about the students and therefore do not make class time as exciting as it could be. Cafeteria food as well as on-campus housing should be improved. Athletic facilities including weight rooms are terrible.


Freshman housing is very tight and limited. I live in room with two roomates, but the room is very small and cramped. The walls are very thin and I can hear every conversation on the entire floor.


The worse thing I consider about my school is how the library is more of a social gathering. I wish it had more floors and available quiet space. During Finals week, it's difficult to find a secluded spot. I think if it expanded and added more computers and stayed open all night, it could benefit many people.


Worst thing is tuition! they are so expensive!


Because of the school's location and high price tag, there is not a lot of racial diversity on campus; you hardly find any Latinos or Hispanics or even African Americans. I think that this doesn't do justice to the school's promise of diversity on campus. Additionally, because there is a lack of racial diversity, students are not exposed as much as they could be to other cultures and new ideas. I believe that in the long run, this hurts students, as it doesn't foster a sense of acceptance for others.


I would consider the worst thing about my instition to be the lack of racial/ethnic diversity amongst the student population. The school has previoulsy maintained a relatively high percentage of upple-middle class, Catholic student population, while being surrounding a racially diverse community in Philadelphia. Promotion of attaining more diversity at the school is a priority, yet inclusion of students is still in need of work. Additionally, steps have been made to combat this tension such as the recent inclusion of an Anti-Defamation League sponsored peer training program to help promote diversity and combat bigotry and racism.


The worst thing about my school is the liberal arts cirriculum. Every student is required to take base courses in language, religion, history, etc.


The financial dynamic among students is a very difficult situation to deal with.


The worst thing about my school is the cost! I feel as though the cost of school is very demanding, and ridiculous, especially with the limited housing and meal plan for students.


No football


The worst thing about St. Joe's is the fact that you do a lot of registering for classes alone unless you seek out help for what classes you should take.


The economical classes. You can tell most people here come from alot of money and they flaunt it. Most things are very expensive and the only students it seems to bothers are those who don't have that much money-like myself.


That it is very small and expesive I think that if it cost less it would open the doors for more students. I also do not like that, we had to take so many GER courses.