Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is interested in different cultures/ethnicities. Someone who feels they can't fit in with kids who are wealthy, yet nice. Someone who isn't looking for many service opportunities. Someone who isn't interested in a school with a good group of alumni/ae. Someone who doesn't like smaller class sizes and close relationships with professors. Someone who doesn't want to see the same type of people everyday. Someone who gets annoyed by sororities and fraternities.


People who like to party should not attend St. Joe's. Also minorities who are uncomfortable in a predominantly caucasian setting should not attend.


An ethnically diverse, liberal student.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't care about their education and expect to only have fun without doing any hard work.


Anyone can attend this school.


This is a school for those who are driven and know what they want from life. People who just want to play before they work or who have no drive to set goals for themselves to achieve will find that St. Joe's is not the school for them. People who are not willing to make their personal imprint on Hawk Hill and take what it means to be a Hawk and make a positive mark wherever their future leads them should not attend St. Joe's.


A person that seeks diversity


Anyone who wants a very diverse school. We're activiely working on it with recruiting, but we're not quite there.


Anyone who doesn't think they can stomach 3 theology courses AND 3 philosophy courses. Anyone who is looking for a technical program, like engineering or nursing. Anyone who would feel uncomfortable on a Catholic campus (although I must stress that they do not indoctrinate us).