Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The incredible atmosphere and pervasive friendliness on campus.


There is easy access to many restaurants and places to shop in the nearby area. It is also in a very nice section of Philadelphia, yet it is extremely easy to get right into center city. You have the benefits of the suburbs and the urban area.


The campus life. There is so much to do and something for everyone to choose from. The campus ministry runs dozens of different programs. The school has rebuilt gyms and fields so students can have club and intramural sports. There is greek life for students who are drawn to that. Also, there are even more events and activities run by the Student Union Board, such as dances, trips, and on campus activities. Finally, the location of our school is perfect as we are not in the middle of a city, but it is a quick, cheap train ride away.


I enjoy the variety of classes that are offered at our university . I like this the most because it was important for me to not be a Biology major when applying to my graduate school and I was able to fit all my prerequisite courses and take other allied health classes at the same time


The academics are very serious. You have to go to class and do your work at St. Joe's or you cannot be successful.


The best thing about Saint Joseph's University is the people. The professors are fully focused on their job to ensure students are receiving the right education that they deserve. Not only are the professors one of the best things about Saint Joseph's University, but the students. The students are friendly, outgoing individuals who are driven and determined to succeed.


I think the extra-curriculor activities available on campus are fantastic and new students should really get involved with campus life. There is something there for everyone and it's a great way to meet new people and expand your interests.


I enjoy the personal feeling between a student and his or her professor


The people that attend the school because i have made many lifetime friends


The best thing about my school is their sense of community and giving back. Saint Joe's students will wake up at 9am on a Saturday to help plant trees in Camden or fill the pack edfieldhouse doing activities for Hand in Hand children. We believe in giving back to the less fortunate. Everything we do; mission trips over our spring breaks, fundrasiers for Arthtisis children, barbeques to simply enjoy each other's company; it is all for the better and the students enjoy every second of it. The feeling of warmth in our hearts is enough in return.


The people along with the small classes and dedicated staff make Saint Joes the perfect University.


The best aspect of St. Joe's is its students. One of the reasons I fell in love with this school the first time I was on campus was because of how downright friendly everyone was. Most students stopped along the way to ask if my family and I needed any help or directions, offered a smile, and held doors for us. While on my tour students started squawking and flapping their "wings" like our mascot, the Hawk. Most who attend this school absolutely love it and want to share that love with everyone who steps foot on our campus.