Saint Leo University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Saint Leo University is known for being a smaller college campus that has a great sense of community and school spirit! The classes are very small so there is an excellent professor to student ratio, which allows the students and professors on this campus to have somewhat closer relationships compared to a larger university. Some of the degree programs offered at Saint Leo University are recognized as prestigious such as the business, biology, and education program due to the amount of experience within the actual field prior to graduation as well as the professors who are adequately prepared and wise.


My school is best known for being small.


My School is best known for the the beautiful campus and their professional alumanie.


Its Christian heritage,fine academics and sports teams.


Besides the excellent cafeteria food....( NOT)..... I would say that Saint Leo is known for being a school that is flexible to the "everyday student". Saint Leo is great for military personell, students who are parents and working, or right out of high school students as well! They offer a wide variety of class styles and times, as well as a great supportive group of teachers!


Saint Leo University is probably best known for its benedictine core values. They are Integrity, Respect, Responsible Stewardship. Community, Personal Developement, and Excellence. Since Saint Leo was founded on the core values and the students, faculty, and staff strive everyday to uphold them.


Partying, Lacrosse, Sports Business


My school is most known for its close knit community and the 7 core values it stands for which are excellence, community, responsible stewardship, respect, personal development, and integrity. To me all of these core values play a vital role in establishing good morals in your men and women.


My school is known for it's great resiliency and resources to make the best out of a situation, when I first came to Saint Leo University the roads were cracked, there dorms needed repainting, and I found myself being served food out the basement of an apartment. Fortunately, half a year later I was being served dinner in a 2 story 10 million dollar cafeteria. I have to say that was very impressive and said a lot about our schools desire to become better.


Distance Learning. Saint Leo excels in offering degree programs to US military students world wide. Saint Leo also has a terrific sports program


Saint Leo is known for their religious background and the many cultural experiences avaiable on campus. Saint Leo is also known for the students school spirt and intensity shown during sporting events.


School of Business