Saint Leo University Top Questions

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I beleive the most unique thing about Saint Leo University is its small, close knit community. One of Saint Leo's core values is to be a unifed community. I visited several large campus' but that whole aspect was much to overwhelming for me. Not a single day goes by at Saint Leo University that you don't see a friendly face you know.


This school will give me hands on experiences that I would not get anywhere else.


The high amount of field trips and detachment from society.


The amount of classes they offer online is exceptional


The people you meet are from all around the world and it is nice to get to meet people from places you've only dreamed of going.


The school is smaller in size giving that one on one attention that every student deserve Also the quality of how students are treated


My school allowed me to achieve my education through a combination of onground classes and online clases. My advisor was always in contact with me, and my professor (HR) mentored me in developing the correct study habits to retain the knowledge needed to be successful in life and academics.


It is a tight community.


I decided to go to Saint Leos for a couple of reasons. One they had the classes I was looking for. Some of the online school did not give you a choose of want classes you want. I had certain classes I wanted and I found Saint Leos to have all of them. Also I am a Catholic and wanted to learn more about the bible and they give me a choose of classes dealing with the bible. Last the school is online, which is the most important to me, since i am disabled and want to work from home.


This school is very willing to help you financially, which was difficult to find, just about anywhere. I felt very comfortable the second that I was introduced to all of the advisors and staff.


That the staff is so friendly and helpful. There are so many resources that is helpful at my college.


Saint Leo University runs on a quarter based system and has smaller classes that allow more interaction between the professor and the students.


The campus is beautiful and the classes are small.


I enjoy the flexibility I have by taking my classes online, and turning in all homework at the end of each week as I work fulltime.


The truth is saint leo ROCKS. there comes a time when your here you just want to leave and you claim you hate it, and as soon as your gone, for good, or for break you miss it! It happens to all of us. I have so many friends that left and came right back!


Saint Leo has small class sizes and each professor knows you by name. The admissions department does a good job at tricking prospective students into believing their financial aid is better than it seems.


Saint Leo is about 20min from Tampa and about 10min from a grocery store so there is a short drive to get somewhere, but it’s well worth it.


At this point of being a Saint Leo student, I really have not associated other schools or any comparisons with Saint Leo University.


What I found most unique about my university compared to other universities was when I broke my leg a little over half way through the semester, my professors were very understanding and made it easy for me to make up the work I missed. I do not think that level of understanding would be as prevelent at another university.


I like St. Leo University because it is geared for adult learners with a job, family, and life obligations. I attend satellite campuses on military installations in the Norfolk, VA area. Not many schools accommodate adult learners. Thank God St. Leo does.


The instructors at my school are completely committed to your success and are devoted to your learning experience. I can really be sure that they also care about my success in life as well as the career I am pursuing. The other schools, I felt like I was just a number.


I think that our school is unique for many reasons. Two specific reasons that stand out to me our that we are a Catholic School and that since I am in the education program we have actual elementary school teachers as our professors. Most schools have professors that went to school to be a professor and I think that we have a more realistic view of what our job will be because we have actual teachers, teaching us.


I like that this campus is very scenic and aesthetically pleasing. Other schools I looked at were in urban cities with polluted air, skyscrapers that block the sky, and very grey looking. Saint Leo has gardens, a lake, palm trees, and so much more that makes it a great place to hang out in or run around and play some sports without getting in anyone's way. Also, because of the rural setting, the outside noise is definitely kept at a minimum.


Small community based, strong workforce connections, interships from day one


What I find unique about my school compared to others is the respect that all students give to one another. It seems as if everyone gets along with one another, and everyone is so polite. When walking through the halls everyone opens doors for one another, so its nice to see that our society still looks out for one another.


I liked the fact that Saint Leo is in the middle of nowhere, but it isn't far from the city or the beaches.


The Type of People that are in/around St. Leo. Everyone seems to be much more open and friendlier than I ecperienced at other schools.


This is a very religious Catholic school and it has a great academic program.


Saint Leo's offers a variety of classes, many online so you can fit school into your schedule, not the other way around.


Saint Leo University has a very relaxing setting. Quiet pathways and trees surround the buildings and create a very serene atmosphere. The teachers are always willing and ready to assist you whenever you may need them. Along with the teachers, your advisors are also ready to help you if you ever have questions concerning anything. The advisors here tend to end up teaching you in a class or two. Everyone here is friendly and they make you feel at home. This makes is easy for you to adjust to college and succeed.


Fantastic community which embraces the college students


The atmospher everyone is so kind and friendly. And it is always sunny and pretty and calming. Just perfect!


They are a people school, not just a someone trying to get money.


its small and in a rural part of town, but i enjoy the closeness i have with my fellow students and also my teachers.


Saint Leo incorporates a lot of real life activities by having experts come in and show real cases or activities they have done.


It is on a lake and in the middle of no where


The atmosphere here is unlike any other school I've seen. At Saint Leo we are a community, we are a family. My professors know me and care about me. They even congradulated me when Tim Tebow won the Heisman because they knew I was a Gator fan. The campus is small, we all live together so if you need to borrow a book or a vacume cleaner all you need to do is walk down the hall.


Saint Leo is a sunny place for shady people... however, is really awsome. You really become a family ther with friends, and get involved on campus. its great. I encourage everyone to attend.