Saint Leo University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is such an enriching experience being here. The people are friendly, the faculty want to help you, and the campus is beautiful. So many resources are provided for free here to ensure you succeed. The best part are the small classes that allow you to be acknowledged by name, not by number. I wouldn't have made it in a large campus with lecture halls of 100 or more; I'd be drowning without a life vest. Here, I have ample opportunity to get help and will be noticed flopping when I don't have time to speak up.


The best thing is the class sizes. Classes are small, here you are not just a number, there are maybe 30 max in a classroom. I have had classes where it was me and 2 other students. Also professors are easy to reach, they have office hours and make all their contact information readily available to you. Our school is not small by any means, and is constantly expanding, but they make it a point to keep classroom sizes low. Which is awesome beacause you are not ina class with 300 students trying to stand out.


The best thing about Saint Leo is the size. I’m not a number or a name badge at Saint Leo. I’m a person and all my professors know my name. I love it and love how I can get help when I need it.