Saint Leo University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about the wide variety of wonderful programs (such as this) that offered scholarship money to everyone.


Before I came to Saint Leo University, I wish I would have known how quickly college passes by and I would have appreciated my first two years there even more than I did. There are so many great memories to be made at Saint Leo and to be able to watch yourself develop and grow as a person, student, and adult is such a rewarding feeling and should be appreciated every step of the way.


I wish I knew how much work would come from each class, as in that I would be doing a lot of projects and presenting them to the class. Also writing a lot of papers is something that caught me by surprise. One last thing would be, coming from the north, not having enough tank tops and shorts for the hot weather.


I wish I had known just how isolated the campus is.


I wish I had known how much money it would cost, honestly as much as I love Saint Leo, I wish i had more scholarships and its was cheaper. I understand that its a private school, but it is a lot and its a struggle to pay for room & board on top of tution and all the activities you wanna do. Also I HIGHLY RECCOMEND YOU HAVE A CAR OR HAVE A ROOMMATE WITH A CAR!!! I can not tell you how much it sucks to ask people to drive you because its a 15 drive to walmart, mcdonalds, etc.


Accounting Program Online


I wish that they didn't cost so much and that I would get more refund back.


The classes sizes


I wish that I would have reserched all the colleges better, so that I understood financial aid process more than I did. I got confused with all the online classes and rules at first and how to pay for school, but now I have been a student for almost 3 months and there isn't any problems except I am trying to find money for school. Saintleo has a great staff and support team that helps you understand all the rules and how it all works. They helped me to figure out everything from class enrolling to tuition, etc.


I wished I would have known that I was going to have to commute to the University of South Florida for Air Force ROTC.


That packing a semster's worth of work into 8 weeks in hard work, but doable. That you have to be good at time management with this class and that you have to read everything and go over notes and lectures.


I can't think of a thing negiative about Saint Leo University. It is a school that has been around for a very long time and that right there means a great deal about a school. I was very greatful that they teach subjects of my interests in, so maybe I can finally finish my degree. I'm only 62 years old. If I'm going out with a degree I want a real good one, from a premo Univerisity.


I wish, while in highschool someone had talked with me about the importance of continuing my education and going to college. It wasn't really deemed "important by my school counselors in the 80's nor my parents so I didn't place a high value on it. Now, at age 41 I realize what a mistake that was and really want to get my college degree.


I wish I knew the location was so isolated and away from the city. If I new this I would have been able to prepare myself alot better for my college transition


I wish I had known my loans were gonna pay all of my tuition.


everything will be alright.


I had comleted three full years working toward a BS in Business Mgt. I quit to be nearer my girlfriend, rationalizing I could go back part time. 26 years have passed and now I'm slogging along with a wonderful family, one child in college full time, trying to make ends meet and go to school myself, paying my own way. Once you start, DO NOT STOP. If you are single stick with it. The rest will come. Work hard while its only you. As you get older, life has many distractions that will divert your attention. Good Luck !


That there is no bus system and that students who attend here need a car in order to hav a social life.


I wish I would have known how important it was to pay attention in high school. Many things that I have learned in college, especially my freshman and sophmore year were a repeat of things from high school. If I would have learned them the correct way in high school I would have had it easier in college. I also wish I would have known how important grades and homework are. In college I care way more about my grades than I did in high school.


I wish I had known how different college was from high school.


Like I said I really enjoyed it. I go to school on-line and it works for my busy lifestyle.


I wish I had known more about the Catholic culture.




The exact cost


That you shouldnt bring your whole house with you. Alot is here or you can buy it close by.


I would've liked to of known what the University looked like and where it was located.


I wish I had known almost everyone knows people and has multiple classmates attending the school.


the cost