Saint Leo University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about the wide variety of wonderful programs (such as this) that offered scholarship money to everyone.


Before I came to Saint Leo University, I wish I would have known how quickly college passes by and I would have appreciated my first two years there even more than I did. There are so many great memories to be made at Saint Leo and to be able to watch yourself develop and grow as a person, student, and adult is such a rewarding feeling and should be appreciated every step of the way.


I wish I knew how much work would come from each class, as in that I would be doing a lot of projects and presenting them to the class. Also writing a lot of papers is something that caught me by surprise. One last thing would be, coming from the north, not having enough tank tops and shorts for the hot weather.


I wish I had known just how isolated the campus is.


I wish I had known how much money it would cost, honestly as much as I love Saint Leo, I wish i had more scholarships and its was cheaper. I understand that its a private school, but it is a lot and its a struggle to pay for room & board on top of tution and all the activities you wanna do. Also I HIGHLY RECCOMEND YOU HAVE A CAR OR HAVE A ROOMMATE WITH A CAR!!! I can not tell you how much it sucks to ask people to drive you because its a 15 drive to walmart, mcdonalds, etc.


Accounting Program Online


I wish that they didn't cost so much and that I would get more refund back.


The classes sizes


I wish that I would have reserched all the colleges better, so that I understood financial aid process more than I did. I got confused with all the online classes and rules at first and how to pay for school, but now I have been a student for almost 3 months and there isn't any problems except I am trying to find money for school. Saintleo has a great staff and support team that helps you understand all the rules and how it all works. They helped me to figure out everything from class enrolling to tuition, etc.


I wished I would have known that I was going to have to commute to the University of South Florida for Air Force ROTC.