Saint Martin’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is probably best known for being a Catholic University here in Washington State. It was ranked one of the top ten cities in 2009. So i think that shows alot about our school. Its also known to have a third of the students attending to be Athletes. So thats good. We also are known for having International Students coming to this great private school. In better terms were known for being nice, and letting everyone in and making sure everyone gets along and having great athletes. State Champs.


Saint Martin?s University is Catholic Benedictine School, the only one located west of the Rocky Mountains. Saint Martin's was established in 1895 by Roman Catholic Monks order by Saint Benedict. When the school was first built it was attended by one student Angus McDonald who traveled by canoe from Shelton some 25 miles away. Saint Martin?s University is now attended by over 1250 students. Some of the monks on campus teach classes such as history and religious studies. They reside in the Abbey which is located behind the main building Old Main.


My school is best known for its engineering and education programs.