Saint Martin’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone that is selfish and narrow minded. Everyone is welcome and the reason I say that is because it might hard for someone who doesn't like diversity to feel comfortable.


in my opinion my school does not exclude anybody. everybody is welcome to give saint martins university a chance. the only time there may be a problem is when people so not want to do their work and only want to party and have fun. my school is a catholic college, however that does not mean they only except catholic people.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't like small class sizes.


I don't think that there isn't any kind of person who wouldn't like this school. I guess if the person wouldn't be comfortable with monks walking around the school, and teaching them shouldn't go here.


A person who is unmotivated and likes to procrastinate his assignments will not be successful at Saint Martin's University. Professors tend to assign work in order to practice formulas or other techniques important for future exams and papers. Sometimes, the work load may be overwhelming and more work may be assigned when it is least expected. A person who is not ready to accept the Benedictan values Saint Martin's which include being accepting of other cultures and beliefs as well as lending a hand to our fellow peers.


Anybody who can not handle or control time management. It will become difficult because there are alot of distractions and if you do not focus or your class work you will find yourself far behind very quickly.


One that likes to stayout and party all the time .


A person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants to go to a party school. This school allows for a good time because it is located in a major city, but on campus it is important to remember that this is a place for learning.