Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would recommend this school to someone who wants small class sizes where the professors knows who you are and will remember you. Especially when he askes you why you weren't in classes in the lunch room. The classes are engaging, and have discussion elements that let the students explore the information. Someone that wants to look deeper into topics and find new understandings would do well here.


A friendly, community-oriented person should come to this school. This person should have the desire to learn and grow both academically and personally. This person should like the outdoors and living in a small town.


Saint Mary's is not a community created for one specific student. Together the different aspects that Mary's has to offer helps to adhere to a wide variety of students including graduate, transfer, and foreign exchange students. However, I will emphasize the importance of success throughout Mary's. Professors, advisors, friends and mentors join together to act as guides towards your success. Therefore, I would recommend Saint Mary's University to all students who have high goals and dreams that they wish to aspire towards.


Someone who is looking for a smaller environment with more of a one on one atmosphere. Who wants to be known by their name and have teachers that are giving their all.



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