Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That the athletics are Division III.


I wish I would have known more details overall of the school.


One thing i wished i would have known before attending Saint Mary's univeristy is that having low diversity can impact a person social life and grades.


I wish I would have known to not be as scared going into college as most students are. It is a scary experience moving away from home, but the people at college make you feel so welcome. College really is your home away from home. You don't need to be scared. You are then able to meet so many new people, and you endure so many new experiences. College really is going to be the best four years of my life.


That I would need to apply myself more when it came to making friends. My whole first semester was spent sitting at my desk keeping in touch with buddies from back home. This started to add to my stress. But once I stepped out of my shell and made of point of getting to know more peopl, it made living here a lot easier.


I wish I had known more about saving money and how expensive college is! I had worked all through high school, but I would go shopping or out to eat with friends, so I left for college without much money in the bank, and there are lots of hidden expenses that you don't think about!


To take more of a range of classes in High School.


The outline of the meal plan and how it was going to change substantially in the next 3 years. I also would have liked to have known what programs the school gives it's money to becuase the atheltic program has been recieving unbelievable amounts of money while the academic and housing are both desperately in need of finacial assistance.


That certain materials presented to us do not have to be used but do make a small to minimal help advantage if taken.


I wish I had actually known more about myself, because I learned so much in the first year and it was all for the better. The college atmosphere is a great place to learn about who you are and what you want to be in life. It gives you the freedom to simply be yourself and learn about the world you live in.

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