Saint Michael’s College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Well if you do not love snow and the freezing freezing cold you could find the weather quite frustrating, you just have to expect VT's bitter cold long winter which makes for great skiing.


I have had the experience of taking a 3 credit class where I had more work assigned and more expected from me than any of the 4 credit classes I have taken. However, my school is in the process of addressing this issue and making all the courses count for the same weight.


Not very much is frustrating about Saint Michael's College. I thorougly enjoy everything the school has to offer, but if I had to choose one thing that frustrated me it would probably be the food provided here. Sometimes it feels as though there isn't much variety and this being a smaller campus there is only one "dining hall" as opposed to larger campuses in which students have a mutltitude of choices. It really is a trivial thing, but again, there isn't much that frustrates me here!


The history courses were not varied enough.


The most frustrating thing can be professors not realizing that you have other classes besides theres, and therefore assigning work that is not realistic to complete in the allotted time frame.


It's a long drive home.