Saint Norbert College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Saint Norbert College is best known for the Catholic Liberal Arts perspective that it exudes. Many of the people here are of the Catholic religion and major in liberal arts degrees.


Saint Norbert is very well known for being a very great school. Many of the new graduates get great jobs within a year from graduating. The classes that I took at Saint Norbert were great and I learned a lot.


St. Norbert is known for helping each student reach their maximum potential.


Academically, St. Norbert is fairly well known for balanced yet extensive writing intensive classes. It is also known for being a prestigious school and that is continuing to grow. Another well known aspect is that there is a guarantee for graduating in four years and a higher percentage of students receiving jobs immediately after graduation compared to most UW schools.


Saint Norbert College is best known for it's liberal arts education. The education is very interactive and the professors are incredibly willing to help when asked.


I'd say St. Norbert is best know for their four year graduation guarantee. With so many college students attending school for five or even six years just to obtain their undergrad, a four year guarantee is both enticing and appealing. St. Norbert offers many resources to help students be as efficient as possble and graduate in a timely fashion.


St. Norbert College is best known for academic success and reputation among local businesses. It is also known for its emphasis in religion being a Catholic liberal arts college.


St. Norbret is known for its Norbertine tradition. It is the only college in the world with this Norbertine focus on spirituality, service, and academics. All students are encouraged to serve their local communities and communities throughout the world. Many students organizations focus on this also with the help and encouragement of staff, professors, and all other students. You truly have an opportunity to grow spiritually, mentaly and find a passion that can be turned into a career. There are numerous resources for this achievement and success.


Hockey. Bellin School of Nursing. English as a second language program. Small classes. Chicago students, an overwhelming amount. Ability to graduate in four years.


Small environment, everyone ususally plays sports, catholic environment, big party school for a small school, academically helpful and teachers are very well prepared at norbs.


football, the scenery (specifically the Fox River), Business and Education Programs, and many friendships


binge drinking/partying


Our school is best know for its great liberal arts education, and that you are guaranteed to graduate in four years. We were ranked #4 in liberal arts colleges in the midwest. We are also known for our athletics.


The education program


Small class sizes. The teachers know you by name.


Hockey Team, Area Catholic college, local theater and conference center.


Faculty-Staff-Student connections, support, and friendliness. Walking around campus and knowing or recognizing many people.


Small class sizes, helpfulness and availability of professors, close connection to other students