Saint Norbert College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


To be honest the school is well rounded, not many things may be wrong with it. But, the one thing I could say that is techniqually the worst is the old buildings and facilities that do not offer much area.


The worst part about school is getting activities approved. There are many places a person needs to go to in order to get an event approved by everyone that is needed. For being a Liberal Arts college, it is hard to be active.


The worst thing about St. Nobert is the cost; tuition is over $30,000 a year. I love going to a small, private school at which I feel comfortable, but the process of paying for school can be stressful and worrisome and frustrating.


The nature of St. Norbert College is a private, religious institution. I would say that the most unfortunate thing about the institution is that it lacks identity. There is a struggle to hold on to the foundational, traditional beliefs of the college and yet it seems to continually be losing itself in the hope to please unstable modern thoughts. This struggle results in having some professors that are in direct oppostion to the views of the college, and yet there is no strong foundation to recognize what the specific goals of the college are.


I would say it being from town because i don't have a car yet and have to ask people to drive me 30 mintutes to the mall, But that doesn't really count as something horrible because i have friends that offer to take me to the malls. But other than that, i love it; there's nothing wrong with they way it's tsructured or how they teach. So i can't really complain.


Lack of tolerance for differing ideas / backgrounds


The fact that its too small and you see the same faces everywhere you go. This school has no school spirit or intensity to attend the sports events on campus or tailgate for a football game.


For me the worst thing is that there isnt a great variety of options for meal plans. It's either the cafeteria or Phils. And lately the caf has not been doing much to impress anyone.


There is not much help in regards to finding a job after SNC. The career counselors do a good job of pointing you in the right direction, however have absolutely no real world experience in helping people find jobs or actually helping students contact businesses.




St. Norbert is kind of segregated, those in fraternaties and soroties hang out, those in social groups stick together... and then there is everyone else.


The only thing bad for me is the meal plan. You pay so much money for it and it doesn't feel like you get your money's worth.


The worst thing about St. Norbert is probably the amount of drinking that goes on on campus.


You're requireed to live on campus until you are a senior.


Not as diverse and it could be, and may be a little too small. A couple hundred more students may help with diversity. Also, the runors that are spread so easily because everybody knows everyone!


The college could be more diverse.




There really isn't anything bad about my school.