Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


As a business management major, I am taking microeconomics and macroeconomics, calculus, business management and marketing, English and accounting. The textbooks piled upon my desk seems intimidating but it actually is not so bad. I love to learn and these courses are helping me learn about my future career in business, whatever that may be.


The academics are decent. I will rate it a 3.75 out of 5. My professors know my name and I think its common to every other student. My favorite class was my math cass. He was funny and easy to understand. Participation is a bigg deal and the students battle it out UFC style for grades. My major is Biochemistry and my aim is medicine. The school is pretty challenging. try to get into the Honors program as best as you can. You'll go deeper into details.


The classes are usually pretty small, (around thirty students at most), and the professors are can be very warm and involved with your academic success. In the end, pretty much everyone wants to work with you to make sure that you do well. One of my favorite classes is my Spanish for Native Speakers class. It is accessible even to non-native speakers... Like me!