Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Saint Peter’s University?


Saint Peter's College is great for any kind of person. The college is very diverse, there are stands from all over the world that attend the school.


I feel that Saint Peter's College is suitable to scholars of all ages. However, if an individual has an interest in athletics and fraternities and sororities, I am not aware that these are strong departments or programs at the Englewood Cliffs campus. In addition, if the individual prefers to be in a setting within a very large student population, this school has not demonstrated to me to be over populated.


A student who can not afford it.


A person that is not willing to do the work .


None really this school is for almost anyone, here they work with you to get you where you want to be


Any one who likes a diverse community where you can have fun as well as focus on your school work.


A person who is not used to or willing to experience diversity and cultural change. Also someone who is not willing to work hard to push for a strong and bright future.