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What are the academics like at your school?


With a faculty to student ratio of around 14 the class sizes are perfect for intimate learning and educational experience. All tenured professors must have a Doctorate degree in the field that they teach, all adjuncts (part-time) instructors must have a Master's and be working towards a Doctorate. Class size on average is 23, and this varies on major and decreases as your program progresses throughout the course of your catalogue. If you have any other questions just ask! I was the Training Coordinator for the Student Ambassador program at SXU! [email protected]


All of my professors know my name. The only 'big' classes would be Science or Nursing labs, but generally class sizes are 25:1 or fewer. I am an English major and have loved all of my English professors. They have gone above and beyond to help me become a more engaged and active reader. They are always available outside of class to talk about issues, and are more than willing to make exceptions or help me out in any way they can. Professors here are very understanding and kind, and I really appreciate that. Academics here prepare students for the real world ahead. We are well-prepared for our chosen career paths because of the liberal arts education provided by the school.


I love going to Saint Xavier University. I honestly cannot see myself attending another school. My experience here has been amazing. I personally came here because it was a smaller school and the classes allow students to interact easily with professors. Most professors know all of their students by name which I really like. I hold a lot of respect for all of my professors and other students tend to really like their professors too. I think that makes Saint Xavier unique. When I tell my friends about that who attend large universities with lecture halls they get very jealous and tell me how much it would help them if they were able to ask the professor a question without them being too busy to give a complete answer or just telling students the answer is in the book. As for school pride, it exists but it is not excessive. People are proud of the school but school pride seems to be expressed in a laid back fashion. People will go to games and cheer and do typical college sport fan stuff but school pride is not forced on anyone. It is a very relaxed place overall I feel. The school makes me proud to go there and has a very good reputation outside of the campus. When telling family or anyone that I go the Saint Xavier University the answers are all pretty much along the line of people saying “Oh, wow. That’s a good school!” while they nod their head. People are always impressed when I tell them I am receiving my education of SXU. The school has built a good reputation over the years. Its reputation goes farther than just the community as well. Graduate School and companies looking for interns also acknowledge that Saint Xavier is a good school and business trust Saint Xavier students because they know that the student has received a good education. The overall opinion I have heard about SXU has always been positive but I have heard people complain about some things. A lot of people complain that the tuition is too high which is understandable because college is expensive. This university is defiantly not cheap but they do offer scholarships and send students emails about available opportunities to lower tuition coasts. Also, the common complaints have to do with the cafeteria. I sometimes feel that the food is plain or too expensive. I have to admit as a vegetarian I am able to find something to eat every day, even though sometimes I am not excited to eat whatever it is a bought. Sometimes though I feel that I can not be as health conscious as I would like though, the fruit is not very good and I end up choosing French fries because the fruit isn’t ripe or something. The school has improved it lunchroom since I started going there my freshman year. The final common complaint is that there is nothing to do around there. It can be difficult for students to get downtown or find something to do but the school tries to make it work by having student join clubs or having pep rallies. I can see why students want to get off campus and find something to do. There are no places really to go besides restaurants around the campus. So no concert venues or parks are really accessible to the students.


THE PROFESSORS ARE AWESOME! Some of them don't really get to know you too well, but a lot of them are just so incredibly nice and helpful. My favorite class is Philosophy because the professors are awesome. My least favorite class is...I don't have a least favorite, honestly. Students are studying all the time. The library is huge, and up to date with new MAC computers, so it is just so nice being in the library to just study (and it is very relaxing). Students are competitive, but in a great way. Everyone just wants to do so well, and we make a game out of it. I am a psych major, and I love it. The classes really help me understand the subject to a T. The academic requirements are just right. The program evaluations, which are the requirements for each student, fit the student so that they can be their most successful. The education at this school is definitely geared toward helping students getting jobs, and I love it so much for that.


Generally, the professor take an interest in you as a person and your life. Since we are so small, the professors, especially the ones in your department will foster a relationship with you throughout your years here.

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