Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't think we have one


Typically the stereotype at SXU is that students are south sider's due to the fact that the majority of students are commuters and the school is located right there on the south side of Chicago.


We don't have any fraternities or sororities on campus, but we are very familial-based. Students feel welcome here, regardless of their background. We have many sports on campus, so we do have jocks and cheerleaders/dance team, but we also have honors kids and people who practically live in the library. We have a nice collection of hipsters who hang out in Starbucks often, or who can be seen tight rope walking between trees when it's nice out. Overall, we have a lot of different students and we all have our niche, but everyone feels welcome here.


A stereotype that I can confirm that I have heard about Saint Xavier University is that it is for women. I have not really seen any other stereotype. People that like sports talk to people that read comic books and hipsters talk to mainstreamers and so forth. Also, if you are looking for that Van Wilder college experience, it is not going to be at Saint Xavier, people seem more focused on their education than at other schools. Everyone intermingles and seems to get along well. While it is true that the female population appears to be much denser it is still comfortable for both male and female students. I have not seen any problems with the ratio of men to women or sexists bias in the classroom. The school makes it fun and safe for everyone and really treats both sexes as equals. The only reason for more women attending Saint Xavier is due to its education and nursing programs. These two fields attract a lot of people to the school in the first place. I guess one can say that this brings up another stereotype about the university. Some people think that Saint Xavier is only a school for people that want to pursue a career in teaching or to become a nurse. I would defiantly say this is not true. I feel that Saint Xavier University is preparing me to move on the grad school or enter the professional world and I am not a pursuing a career in nursing or education. While it is true the SXU is well suited for nursing and teaching programs it also provides a great education for people majoring in English and the Fine arts, Sociology, Humanities, Math and Sciences and many more. This University makes it possible for individuals to find their life path and find a career field for that is best suited for them. This is a very well rounded school and will provide the education that is needed for future careers and further education.


At Saint Xavier University, the students and faculty try their best to keep stereotyping almost non-existent. There are many different kinds of students, such as different nationalities, orientations, etc.; However, nobody is every judged based off of their physical traits. Everyone is special in their own way, and the faculty makes it a point to create that environment. Students at Saint Xavier University are judged solely on merit, which is the way it should be.


Not many people know about Saint Xavier, so there really are not many stereotypes.

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