Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Saint Xavier is a school that anybody is welcomed in with open arms. You will meet the nicest people you have ever meet in your life. This school is perfect for the people that like smaller classrooms, and want a great relatonships with their Professors. The Professors realy care and always are their if you are confused or need help with an assignment. I honestly believe this school could be for anyone, especially if that person wants to have a home away from home.


Students who enjoy being a part of a small student community and desire a more personalized college experience. The Chicago climate provides for many different seasonal experiences and a variety of outdoor activities.


A person who attends this school should be very procative in getting involved at school, especially if they are a commuter. It is easy to make friends and feel like a part of the university if you take the time to talk to others and make friends. Someone considering this school should also be willing and prepared to work hard academically. This school is very heavily based in academics. The school is a Catholic university, however, it is very diverse. Students need to be open minded and accepting of a diverse student body.


Someone who is serious about their academics.


Cool kids who like to have fun, who are social


A person who wants to learn at a school that is not too small and not too large.....where personal attention is given to the students.


Someone who enjoys city life, yet likes the small campus environment. This school is ideal for students who enjoy small class sizes and stimulating classroom discussions.


Great for adult students and also a great school for students new to the experience of college looking to stay in a dorm. It is in a regular community full of resources- jobs shopping entertainment etc.




A well rounded person.

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