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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College can seem scary, but it realy isn't all that bad. It will get tough and stressful at certain points especially during midterms or finals, but you can get throught just keep your head up. Don't be scared about leaving all of your friends because you will me so many new people, that will soon become your family. You picked the perfect school for you that will become you home away from home. Be yourself and don't change for anyone, because your amazing plus if your friends really love you, you shouldn't have to change for them. Do not procrastinate and turn in all your papers the day before they are do, no only does it get it off your plate, but your Proffesors like it and see that you care about their class, as much as they do.


If I could tell my former self I would tell myself to tough out the full time classes better and don't slack off when feeling the heat. Hard work in school truly pays off!


I highly recommend that you attend a community college first. The loans you take out to attend a 4-year university are going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Your debt will be so high that you won't know what to do with it. Play it smart and finish your 2 year degree first and then work your way up. An Associates will allow you to work in your field, get experience, and allow you to get into a job that will offer tuition reimbursement. Also, look up scholarships. Even if you have the grades, there are plenty of scholarships that do not require a high GPA or for you to be involved in extracurricular activities. Lastly, I suggest you wait to get married and have children until you are completely done with your education. Although having a family is awesome, they will consume a lot of your time because there are many experiences you will not want to miss out on which may compromise your ability to successfully finish your education. Be smart and put your education before anything else because your education will make you or break you.


I would tell myself to focus on work and not to give up. Also i would warn myself about having a relationship while in high school because there have been times where i been thrown off focus by dating girls.


The first piece of advice I would give myself is to choose the college I planned to go to more carefully. I would tell myself to select a university that has my field of study as a priority and not just because all my friends were going there. Furthermore, transferring schools is complicated and I would save the future me from many sleepless nights. The second piece of advice I would give myself is to change my procrastination ways. Although they didn’t hinder me in high school, college is a whole different ball game. I’d advice myself to study before hand and save my future self from all the stress and frustration of cramming it all in my brain the night before. The last piece of advice I’d tell myself before I got sent back to the future is to make connections with my professors. They actually do want me to succeed in their course and will take the time to help me when needed. Also, the better connected I am with a professor the more sincere the recommendation letter will be when I need it for medical school.


It is scary at first, but it becomes comfortable. The first week or so is a time of getting to know campus and meeting people. Leaving your door open is a great way to meet people. If you have an interest such as writing or volunteering, join a group to meet people. SXU holds a Welcome Week at the beginning of every year. It is full of games and free food! It is a fun time and a great way to meet new people. Try to connect with a faculty member on campus that you are comfortable approaching if you are having a problem. Connecting with an adult on campus is a great way to ground yourself and begin making a network.


Dear Self, First off, how cool is it that I am able to write to you and tell you everything that you need to know to survive in the real world. Oh, before you wonder what the "real world" is, let me just tell you that it also includes people other than your closest friends, family and school (go figure!). Now, I know how ridiculously tired you are of graduates coming back and blurting out the same advice on how to do well in college. This advice I'm about to give you may come as a surprise but....THEY ARE RIGHT!! College is nothing like high school. No professor is going to give you thousands of chances to turn in late work, nobody is going to pressure you to study and NOBODY will care more than you will if you fail. So, I suggest that you work on that little procrastination problem you have. Also, it wouldn't kill you to fill out more scholarships. Trust me, that will save you from spending money on tylenol from the headaches you get from mom pestering you about it. Other than that, you should be fine. Love, Your Future Self


It's going to be scary at first, but everyone is really friendly. The teachers all want you to succeed. It takes getting used to, but you will get a routine, find friends, join clubs, and have fun.


It's going to be scary at first, but everyone is really friendly. The teachers all want you to succeed. It takes getting used to, but you will get a routine, find friends, join clubs, and have fun.


I would tell myself that I really have to get started on those scholarship application forms. Not to procastinate so much because it doesn't led to anything good. Have an open mind to everything that is around me. Be willing to participate in as many things in school as possible. Explore life because and everything it is offering because we only get one shot at doing everything like we want.


Going back to my senior year the best advice I could give myself, the advice I probably most needed to hear from someone, is that it's never too late to change your path. So long as the opportunity is there I could still change lanes to a better, less bumpy, one. The advice I would give myself would is truly best said in one single phrase: Staying in the clouds may be nice, but no one can stay there forever; you have to come down eventually and the fall will hurt.


Eric! Stop procrastinating on going to college, you wasted a lot of time and money on classes you didn’t go through with that also affected your GPA. Be ready to identify yourself as a student to keep yourself motivated or else you will end up spending over 2 years in a community college trying to get toggle between work and school. As for the classes you need to sign up for them as early as possible so that you can get the classes and schedule you want or that can keep you from graduating on time also, especially with a lot of the classes going away and the budget cuts. Speaking of budget cuts make sure to fill out a FASFA because it really does help you and would have saved you a lot of money if you filled it out for your freshman year, but even though you still have to pay for school it makes you more dedicated to passing classes and looking forward to your income after graduation. GOOD LUCk!


As a 42 year old student, my advice would be to go straight to college and complete the education process. Don't take a year off , because something always comes up and it is very hard to return to school after some time has past. Focus on an education. Be confident, egar, and straight forward. Education is one of the most important things any one person can do for themselves. If a senior chooses a good profession, goes straight to college after high school and stays focused on the prize only good things can come from it. Many kids graduate from high school and want to be free, however being a student is one of the most freeing feelings ever. If you are in love with your high school sweet heart, I say go for it but, before you make that choice ask yourself, what kind of parent do you want to be? What kinds of things do you want to provide for your true love? Do you want your whole life to be a struggle? Once you answer those simple questions the anwer will lead you right to college. Education is power! Power rely's on education!


I would like to encourage myself to follow through with ambitions and dreams. I would like to tell myself that it does not matter what others think of you and the end of high school is only the very beginnng. We each have our own unique life to live and while others may judge or criticize it is only a reflection on them, not you. I would encourage studying abroad to expose myself to other cultures and a way to understand my own self-identity. I would also like to tell myself to begin to financially prepare for education. This is not a cheap ride, and it really takes a lot of work and discipline to pay for school. So, think about that before you clean out your savings to buy that Mustang (that you're going to wreck in less than a year). I feel that I ended up where I am supposed to be, I just took the detour and went over a lot of mud and bumps to get here. One last thing, your parents and teachers are not as old or as crazy as you think, they are actually giving you invaluable advice...take it.


My college education and experience has by far proved very vaulable to me. I have recieved valuable knowledge from classes which has helped me not only achieve in my studies, but as well as in the work setting and social setting. I have also built valuable relationships with friends that I have met throughout my college experience. I am very proud of my personal gain ,but most of all, my college experience has been the most valuable because of the influence I've had on my family. I am the first to go to college from my family and I have influenced my little sisters through my personal stories of hard work, fun and dedication to want to go to a university to study. It makes me proud and satisfied to know that my hardwork and gain of knowledge has impacted my sisters. They are very proud of me. They are part of my motivation to finish college and pursue graduate school; I want a good education that will allow me to find a good job in order so that I could afford to pay for their college so they too could gain a valuable experience.


My college experience taught me to be prepared for the real world. I also learned what it means to be selfless through the modeling behavior of the people around me. Sister Denis O'Grady (May God Bless her Soul), was wonderful everystep of the learning process. She refused to allow me to give up. This is the kind of educational environment Saint Xavier embodied, caring, loving, and supporting---we can't forget the learning. The professors were experts in their field and challenged me to excel and question norms that can be changed to better the world. SXU prepared me to be a leader!


My college experience has shown me the true value of hard work and the gratification recieved after that effort is put forth. It has been a huge influence of the person I have become today and it has shown me the joy of expanding my horizons and learning everything the world has to offer. I have become a much more responsable and mature person thanks to many lessons and experiences i have had while attending college.


Out of my college experience, I have gained both a realization and an expectation. I have come to realize what I am capable of, both in and out of the classroom. I am capable of realizing my greatest ambitions. Not only that, I have come to expect myself to succeed in them. This has gone far beyond my former expectation that I would be unable to create something great. There was a time when I was resigned to simply living an unremarkable life, doing only what had to be done. Now I realize and expect that I will have an impact on this world. Even when I believed I was only capable of being ordinary, of doing what those who thought little of me expected, I realized that I could not content myself with less than extraordinary. College is a gateway, and through the learning I have expierenced there I have learned the value of experience. Only through the experience that college can bring will I realize my expectations. To me, there is nothing more valuable than this.


My college experience has been great! I go to a community college and at first I thought it was for low grade students but it is not. There are less people in class, which is a great thing! I get more teacher attention and they have great office hours. College has been valuable to attend because I'm learning so much within classrooms, groups, tutoring, workshops. College is my motivation for life. I am learning so much and very greatful for my education. I know that my college experience and education will help me in life by helping others with the same motivation. Thank you.


I met a lot of really great people and made some incredible friends that I will have for a lifetime.


I get to see all types of people everyday and learn lots of things about our world, a lot more than in high school. I am here with none of my childhood or high school friends so it is like a fresh new start to my life. My campus is large and gives me enough space and time to get to know people who are trying to fulfill their secondary education. And I am so glad that I chose to further my education. I am having a wonderful time in college =].


What will I get out of college experience will be huge accomplishment, I will not only learn the meaning of being all on my own, but to make decisions that only effect me and my future. I have choose to go into culinary arts, because of the respect I have on food and how is prepared. I will get from this education the start to finish how any food we eat and prepare, what foods go with others, taste and serving abilities. The is going to be valuable in my accomplishments from present to future, as a chef in where ever I apply the education to. My first ventures in the kitchen was learning from my mom the basics and found a natural abiltiy as well the apptitude of cooking. The culinary arts will give me the basis I need starting out as a chef at any level.


I have grown up professionally as I was pursuing my Bachelors Degree. I have learned acceptance of others viewpoints, traditions, and other ways of life. I have been able to secure employment in a higher level of management because of my degree. All in all, this experience has made me a more suitable candidate for the profession that I am involved with.


that no matter what you going through in the past you can have a fresh start in life


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say many things. The most important thing I would say is Virginia, you need to stay focus on your education and stay in school right now. You may think and say to yourself that school will always be there for you, but you won't be thinking about how you are going to manage your education when other things in life change. For instance, I didn't go back to school right away and as a result, I had a baby. Had I gone to college right after high school, my focus would have been on my education. By waiting and thinking I had time, things changed and soon I was responsible for another life. It took me many years later to complete my college degree juggling with a baby, a job and part-time school. Stay focus I say on your desires to become educated and don't delay. You will have a better life if you stay in school. Before you know it, you will have earned your degree and continue the path of life.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior, I would make sure I had all of my priorities straight and make sure I'm on the right path. I would figure out what I want to accomplish, and really focus on my goals. A lot of people have the attitude that "I made it through high school, I can just sail through college too." That isn't the case though, you have to really work hard to get where you want to be. In college, I have also noticed that time management is very important, along with study skills. I would better prepare myself by taking some college preparation classes, such as advanced placement because people who took those in high school said it really helped the transition. The classwork and homework is done a little differently, so I feel that those classes would have really helped. As far as the social aspect of college, I would have better prepared myself for living "on my own" by doing even the simplest things by myself such as laundry and shopping for necessities.


In order to get the most out of college you must GET INVOLVED! College is full of opportunites. Although you must stay motivated in your studies, it is important to make time to have fun, do service, network, and maintain a social life. Getting involved can lead to a potential job, new friends, the building of confidence and character, better cultural understanding of the world, and shapes you into a leader for the future. When picking out a college, make sure you find college that fits your personality and lifestyle. You should also think ahead and plan out your entire four-years of college to make sure your on track to graduate on-time or even be able to fit a study abroad program if you desire. The best advice I can give to anyone is that college is what you make it to be. You can make a boring school exciting, you can turn a unsuccessful student organization into a successful one, you can impact others around, sometimes with out even knowing it, as long as you have the will and a postive attitude.


If I could go back to my high school self and talk about my college expeirence, I would tell myself to really absorb as much information and take in everything I can while I can. I really wish in high school that I would have taken in more from my courses, rather then just taking the courses to get the credit for them. I would have benifited so much more if I would have really pushed myself and kept all of that with me through college.


I would tell myself to work even harder then before and not to let piles of essay intimidate me . Motivating my high school self not to give up because it would all worth it in the end. I would tell myself not to be so afraid of following my dreams into becoming the future makeup artist that i have always wanted to be. I would tell myself not to let parent's ignorances get in the way of me becoming successful. Finally, I would tell myself in order to play hard I would also have to work even harder.


Dear Meghan, I know you are very nervous right now. It is hard to imagine not being in high school anymore, and starting something new is always a little scary. However, you will come to realize that there is nothing to fear at all. College opens up a new door of possibilites, and it also starts a new chapter of your life. College not only allows you to be more independent, but it also allows you to have the ultimate say in your overall education. You choose your classes; you make your own path. While this all may seem a little overwhelming, trust me when I say it is exciting! Also, do not worry about meeting new people. Be true to yourself and everything will work out. Try to keep this in mind: a new environment with new people is only new for one day because after that one day it just becomes part of a routine. Believing in yourself combined with hard work will take your farther than you actually think. Enjoy the time you have left in high school, but also try to have an optimistic attitude for what your future holds.


The advice that i would give myself is to make sure that you work hard and never leave any stone unturned. I would tell myself to stay the same person that you are, don't change for anyone and never subside to conformity. I think that with my experience of the multiple colleges that i attended(3), i feel that you learn from expereince. No one can take away the fact that i never quit, even through all the finacial disappointments, and the family situations, no one can teach perserverence, you can only teach yourself that. So to conclude, i would tell myself to stay the same, only changing yourself for the better is the only change you'll need, and work hard to the point where you leave no stone unturned, and that no obstacle is to large for you to conquer. And finally the rest is up to you. You have to have self-intrusive motivation in order to be good in anything that you do.


I originally chose Columbia College as my first choice, SXU as my second and was accepted to both. Due to financial setbacks I chose to attend Saint Xavier University and I can honestly say that it was probably the best decision I've ever made. This is my fourth year here at SXU and I will be here one more year after. No school is perfect, they all have heir own set of pros and cons; but Saint Xavier has mad great efforts in expanding the campus in every aspect possible and it as made my college experience FANTASTIC!


Forget the plan to go out of state to a UofA, or Troy State University, because it'll be a set back. Just get you the A.A. for a two year college without skipping semesters then transfer to a University.


If I can go back, I would tell myself to be ready for the hardest challenge in my life. College isn't easy, there would be even times when you feel like backing out, but dont't because all the work done, lectures, staying up all night doing homework, will pay off. The people are great not like highschool where we race to be the most popular girl in school. Here, no one really cares. They are nice and respectful people. I would tell myself, do your homework on time because you do not want to miss out on the parties. They are awesome and you get to meet many new exicting people that you though never exited. And also, BE READY TO STRESS OUT like crazy!!


Find a school that has a reputable reputation for the program you want to go into. You want to get for a great education that suits your needs. Also, look at some extracurriculars that the school offers. Those really help your resumee.


Everyone knows about the basics when it comes to choosing a college; major, location, financial aid, blah, blah, blah. So for the sake of time, I'll skip all that stuff. The student should visit the college and observe the environment. You can spend hours doing reseach online and reading brochures but the college visit is when you get a true snapshot of what your life at that school will be like. You should visit on a weekday as well as a weekend. It's a good idea to attend a class and a sporting event. If the the option is available, spend the night in one the dorms. To make the most of your experience, you should join any clubs that interest you and take an active role on campus. With classes, work, and sports or whatever responsibilities you have, it may seem like you don't have time for any additional activities but if you use your time wisely you will. Always make at least one friend in every class and don't be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion. Always put 100% into your academic work. It will pay off.


Make sure they are prepared for all the distractions, they are many.


Pick a place that makes you smile when you are on campus and somewhere that you're comfortable and happy.


Know exactly what your college offers and what kind of students attend the school. Imagine yourself being a student their and if it's the kind of lifestyle you really want. Keep all your options open and go with your instincts.


Do not make a decision based on financial aid, go where you can actively pursue your interests.


Find a school that has a variety of course offerings. Take different courses that expose you to different cultures and viewpoints. Ask for help immediately if you need it. Put academics first then socializing second, but maintain a balance. Strive for excellence in whatever you ontake, if you are going to half do something it is not worth doing at all.


have fun


Make sure it is what you want. Some people may like the big universities, others may like the smaller ones, but make sure that the college or university you choose is the best fit for you the student. As for making the most out your college experience, don't party too much because a lot of the new freshmen that comes in the school, especially the ones that live in the dorms, parties a lot because they feel that they are finally free from their parents, but they fail to understand that yes you are going to want to party, but college is a whole new field from high school and it requires more attentiveness and more studying. So my advice to the students is to stay in the books and do as best as you can your freshman year because it is only going to get harder as the years follow.


Talk to students who attend the school first if you can. Those are the "experts" who can answer your questions for you.


Make a list of everything you love to do. What are you passionate about, and what are your goals in life. I'm an Irish dancer. I started in first grade and it's something I don't want to give up, so I chose to live at a college that is close to my Irish dance school. Also, the college I attend has a dance team (pom and hip hop). I tryed out and it has been the most wonderful experience and I have made some very close friends. Another passion on my list is music. I also joined the radio station at my college and have my own show and hold am the promotions manager. I have learned so much that will help me with my ultimate goal (my career choice). I am working on my degree in Mass Communications and hope to one day start my own record label. My college courses along with experience at the station are preparing me to make my goals come true.


Find the best college that is fit for you in every aspect of your life and keep a strong family and friend support network throughout your college years. Always have a plan B, work hard and give it all you have. Don't be afraid to explore and challenge yourself to new things and new people.


To find the right college, follow your heart, but also visit as many colleges as possible to find out what athmosphere you like better. To make the most of your college experience, remain focused despite the numerous distractions that will come your way. Also, make use of all of the resources that you will have available. that's what they are there for.


In order to succeed in college several criteria must be met. Colleges and universities are as diverse as the communities they are in. Thus, it is important for a student to take time to consider the fact that the college they attend is suited properly for them. Students must consider whether they enjoy large classes or small classes, rural life or city life, public schools or private schools, as well as have a general idea of what field of study they want to pursue. Once these questions have been answered, a student can substancially narrow his or her choices of possible colleges down. When making the final decision on what college to attend, it is important to look at the average students who are attending that school on a daily basis. Schools will always put their best foot forward on orientation day, so go on a private tour when the school isn't having orientation (many schools offer this option), and look at what the day-to-day life at the college is like. If you can picture yourself being happy at that college, and in your field of study, then that it is probably the right college for you.


Make sure you visit the college campus in order to see if you feel safe and at home. There is nothing worse than showing up to move in to the campus and discovering that it is not what you want it to be or what it looked like in the brochure. In order to fully get the college experience make sure you interact with those around you, even if it is just about class. Do not be afraid to talk to others. Attend events hosted by the university of your choice. Above all make sure you learn how to manage your time in order for all of your school work to be done and still have time to play.


I would tell parents and/or students to take time in finding the 'right' school. It is, indeed, time consuming but the result is well worth it. I would tell them to not only look into how the academics are presented in the school but also other services/programs the school provides for leisure purposes as well. I would also tell students to participate in as much extracurricular activities as possible so that years after their college graduation, they will not regret NOT doing something. In short, have fun!

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