Salem College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Salem prides itself in the sisterhood. From the moment you step on campus, you can tell that the sisters who attend Salem are typically welcoming, kind, and interesting individuals. I love my Salem sisters to the moon and back. Honestly.


Every classmate is diligently striving to master there goal and degree. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in anyway! Nicest people ever and expect for every door to be held for you if someone is passing through before or past you.


My classmates are far less mature than I expected to find in college.


The type of classmates that are had are either very conservative, or very liberal.




My classmates were young at heart like me sometimes playing a little more than we should but always keeping our eye on the prize to efficiently equip ourselves so that we might be able to adequately help prepare others to function productively in a diverse and demanding world among varied people of color and ethnicity along with their preconceived notions and hang-ups as we find common boundaries to appreciate the uniqueness that God endowed within each of us at birth when he included us in his magnificent creations for the earthly realm with splendor.


Intelligent women who come from many different backgrounds. They are hardworking, and fun, some of the best friends I've ever made.


For the most part I absolutely adore everyone in each of my classes: they are fun, funny, intelligent, focused, but not too serious, and very friendly.


The best women in every way possible.